Transform Your LOOK With These 12 Feminine and Fresh Courts, Regardless of Your Age …

Transform Your LOOK With These 12 Feminine and Fresh Courts, Regardless of Your Age …
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It is time to change that look flat by a beautiful and colorful look. Dare to a radical change and looks perfect in this new year!

1. commitment to the Bob.

Bob cut came in the 20 to stay, first the hostess, then the big cinema and finally we women beautiful and risky!

2. short California streaked.

You must not have a very long hair to enjoy this type of dye in the hair. It seeks to create your own style.

3. short and smoked.

This cut and dye are spectacular at any age during the 30 to highlight the crowd and after the 50 is perfect so that you do not hide your gray but you can make them the most!

4. volume and tones of blue.

If you have short hair is the time to use a style like this, will help you to make much more hair than you have, look in addition to look spectacular.

5. light and fresh.

This is definitely the ideal cut for those hot summer days. Committed to it when the weather is not favourable or when you want something easy to comb.

6. radical changes.

Fill your head of smoke! We assure you that you will not go unnoticed. It is a beautiful cut that gives volume and movement to your hair, you will be beautiful if need a very long hair.

7. short neck.

Los cabellos al cuello generan que las miradas se vayan directo a tu rostro. Juega con el estilo ¡Serás muy llamativa!

8. Clásico tradicional.

Este corte es un poco más tradicional, aunque no lo creas fue muy usado en los años 50 pero actualmente ayuda muchísimo a mujeres de todas las edades a lucir guapas y elegantes.

9. Tonos de rubio.

Este Bob con estilo más corto y refinado es perfecto para damas un poco menos atrevidas que igual desean lucir hermosas.

10. Bob con movimiento.

Un Bob un poco más alocado siempre estará en boga. Perfecto para verse fresca y juvenil en todo momento.

11 combines the blonde, coppery and colors.

But I do not believe it can combine great variety of tones in your hair, with a very fresh-cut and look beautiful!

12. don’t be afraid to short.

The hair the shorter, more sharpens the factions, and is easy to wash, paint, hair and more. Bet on it you won’t regret it!

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