9 ways to transform men’s shirts in beautiful dresses women

If you thought you’d seen it all in seam, you’re wrong, because you must know the wonderful garments for ladies you can do, transforming men shirts.

Before you give away, sell or pull that shirt of your couple who already don’t like you as you or just don’t want to get more, you must think about it very well, because them you can use and transform them in female clothing and fill your wardrobe with new clothes.

1 only thing that you must do if you like this beautiful model’s shirt is cut out the neck, sleeves and attach a Ribbon to give it a chic and elegant touch to the garment.

2. This garment is very beautiful, original and different, is also very simple create, only you must make some holes in the shoulders and cut up to the belly. Look at the image and you’ll see.

3. in order to make this beautiful gown, you should only cut the sleeves and the side of the neck, it is fabulous. Try it!

4. to make this model, use tulle or lace in the areas where you’ll make cuts of the shirt you are going to transform. Look at the image.

5. look at that beauty, uses two shirts to make a beautiful and fantastic dress as the image you’ll love!

6. This garment will be perfect to look very elegant in a casual way. Transform it with only follow the instructions in the image, which is very easy and simple to do so.

7. If you want a garment like this, just cut the neck and sleeves. You can also remove the buttons.

8. This dress is very cute and super simple to perform, follow the easy instructions on image and ready!

9 cuts one side of the sleeve up to the neck, then sew it all and putting a few leagues. You’ll look very beautiful! So this model you should try it.

All these models of shirts and dresses are very beautiful, but best of all is that you can now have lots of new clothes without spending a penny.

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