7 Techniques of oriental women to stay young over the years

Oriental women have always been the only women in the world who have managed to find the right technique to look much younger and beautiful. This is because their culture has allowed them to eat healthy.

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Next we will let you know 7 techniques that oriental women use, they will make you lose years.

1- Purify the skin thoroughly

Something that Japanese women always do is to cleanse their skin in 2 phases: they start by applying a special cleaning product (lotion) to the face, and then use a soap-free cleanser.

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This technique should be used before going to bed and also in the morning.

2- Facial massage

Asian women often clean and moisturize their skin in the company of a light facial massage. For this they touch their face with warm hands and in it they heat the product before being applied by means of gentle tapping.

3- Lose your fear of oils

Something used by the Japanes for skin care are natural oils, especially mineral oils.

It is said that the skin of Oriental women takes 10 years more to show wrinkles than that of Western women.  But, what are their secrets?  Meet some of his most famous techniques and rituals.

Even if you do not believe it, the more “greasy” oily skin, on the contrary, leaves the pores more purified.

4- Use lotions and moisturizing masks

Toning lotions are products that moisturize the skin. For this it is necessary to moisten the cotton napkins with water, then soak them with toning lotion, leaving them on the face for 3 to 5 minutes.

5- Do not overdo the care

Something you should keep in mind is that you should not overdo the use of creams and serums, as it will cause damage to your skin. Also, never forget to take your sunscreen, a purifier and cleaner.

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6- Do not forget a balanced diet or vitamins

Food is the basis for a much more beautiful and smooth skin. This requires the consumption of vegetables, cereals, legumes, fish and seafood.

7- Check regularly the condition of your skin

If you look in front of the mirror tilting your head forward, you will notice how you will be 10 years later, in this way you will be able to detect the possible problems that you are still in time to avoid.

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