5. miracle products that fight wrinkles better than injections

Beauty injections are widely used around the world, but do not give a very natural look than say, what finally ends up ruining the idea original that was removed a few years off. There is also surgery, botulinum toxin, botox etc, there are many choices that people make to maintain eternal youth. However, if you are that it is not ready for this type of procedures, there is an impressive arsenal of painless anti-aging products that even provide the same effect as botox, which you can use some help.

On this occasion, we wanted to bring you a list of great treatments with powerful anti-aging effects that you can apply both separately as together with creams and serums. Do not hesitate, before buying any product, consultation with a professional if you can and you should use it, and before apply you it first checks in a small area of skin if it gives you any allergies.


1 Argireline



This is a peptide that easily penetrates the skin and initiates certain processes in it. It is considered a great competitor of BTA due to the similarity of its operation and the effect caused. This relaxes facial muscles, but does not block them. It is non-toxic, is excreted from the body and has a cumulative effect. Products with a high content of this peptide Act at the time.


2. peptide from snake


An eye that is not what appears, since this peptide is so called because of its similarity to the action of the venom of a snake. Like this (and argireline), relaxes the muscles, relieves the spasms and, as a result, smoothes small wrinkles. On the basis of this peptide have been created a lot of creams with the effect of botox.


3 Matrixyl


Matrixyl or Palmitoyl pentapeptide-4, is a peptide that causes skin to regenerate and produce its own collagen and hyaluronic acid. Cosmetics with this component reverse the symptoms of aging. You can purchase both separate as in creams and serums, being an ingredient in many creams.


4 Summary of snail



These products have a regenerative effect, smooth skin, provided hydration, slightly bleached tissue and eliminate acne marks. They also reduce the depth of facial wrinkles and help to heal the wounds.


5 antioxidants



Antioxidants are also called preservatives, that make the aging process is slower. Many more have the composition of cosmetics, better, since they increase their effect each other.

Here is a list of the most effective:

Tocopherol (vitamin E): stimulates the regeneration, has a smoothing effect, and produces a light whitening.
Vitamin C: unifying tone, reduces inflammation and participates in the synthesis of collagen.
Retinol (vitamin A): causes the collagen production and skin regeneration. Fight against dryness and wrinkles.
Grape seed extract: powerful antioxidant that helps produce collagen and elastin.
Pomegranate extract: helps to slow down photo aging.
Green tea extract: repairs and restores the damaged cells and reduces inflammation.
Zinc: increases the production of collagen and combats skin aging.

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