Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy
All rights of AlwaysHobby website belong to Sah Reklam ve Bilişim Hizmetleri. AlwaysHobby web site is available at This agreement sets out the terms and confidentiality of the user’s access to the website and the use of the website; therefore it is important that you read and understand carefully. site, using the site, information, images, videos, pictures, photos, such as material senders and organizations are considered to have read and accepted the following conditions. has the right to inform the competent authorities of the information about the member if the company determines that the member has used the site in accordance with the confidentiality rules or the law in this contract or if the authorities have requested a request or review. is supported with technical measures to ensure the security of the information you provide. reserves the right to change and update this agreement.


1) Members and users are obliged to provide any information such as credentials, telephone information, notification address, correspondence address, e-mail, telephone, IP number if requested from him / her. Members and users agree that if they need to make a payment, they will also provide credit card information via internet or pay online, in this case it is the responsibility of the transaction to be secure.

2) Members and users are responsible for acquiring and maintaining the necessary equipment or ancillary services to enter and connect to the site. Members and users are required to have the necessary devices and equipment, without any limitation, modems, computer hardware, software, long or short distance telephone services required for the use of the services. The user is responsible for assuring that such equipment or ancillary services are compatible with ‘Services Kullanıcı.


Members and users of all activities carried out on the web site by law of the authority to be done by persons who have the power to appeal under the law of actions and activities considered only by legal persons (18 years of age, especially by the condition) can be done by minors (mainly under the age of 18) however, they acknowledge that they can make transactions through their legal representatives, or that they know that and their managers will not have any responsibility.


1) can offer users the possibility to upload messages, comments, files, documents and content to the site. Any ideas and opinions that members and users will declare on the site are completely his / her own personal opinion and only connects himself. Political and philosophical propaganda for the purpose of the site can not be published. There can be no activities and suggestions that can be harmed by the society or for any purpose contrary to the general morality and the law. It is not allowed to make any promises, insults, threats, harassment purposes and savings.

2) Members and users, T.C. Information about the Constitution, the Turkish Penal Code and related special laws, which are considered as crimes and require compensation, are illegal, threatening, insulting, unethical, unethical, offensive, abusive, pornographic, humiliating, defamatory, abusive, staining and so on. and public security, national unity and disagreement, general morality, public interest and contrary to fundamental rights and freedoms, action, writing, video, photography, slogan, painting, cartoon, line, word, song, melody, commentary can not be on the site they accept that they will know personally that they will be personally responsible. Otherwise, is responsible for paying any kind of compensation, including the fines that it will be required to meet and to pay, to the management of

3) Members and users cannot make direct or indirect advertising and publicity, mobile and interactive applications for commercial purposes under

4) Members and users agree not to access, use or dispose of any other members and users (individuals or organizations) with private, confidential programs, files, information or similar content. Otherwise, all kinds of legal and criminal responsibility may arise from them.

5) Members and users, management by a notification, warning, or not based on the members and users by the basis of the uploaded, disclosed action, writing, video, photo, slogan, picture, cartoon, line, word, song , melody, comments, such as the material can be removed from the site as required to accept and undertake. Members and users of always have the right to stop or cancel the service and material given unilaterally or permanently without giving any reason.

6) Members and users cannot perform activities that prevent or make others use the website, and may not overload or lock servers or databases with automatic programs. Otherwise, any legal, criminal responsibility that may arise from this situation will belong to itself.

7) Members and users, defamation and harassment, pornography, prohibited gambling, game betting, etc. All kinds of drugs related to the prescription of the sale or use of drugs and addictive substances, such as the introduction, sale, marketing, recommendation of all kinds of material, human or animal wounding, killing, shredding, brutality, briefly, including human and physical psychology, including weapons, explosive materials, all kinds of materials, rights, or authority can not prove that the material will be deleted without any warning.

8) Members and users can always access and update their personal information. These include e-mail / e-mail address and password. In addition, members and users have the authority to delete all intellectual and industrial works such as action, writing, video, photography, slogan, image, cartoon, song, melody, image, line, word, comment. Deleted data and material will not be used by and will not be transferred to third parties in the future. However, in order to benefit from this protection, it is mandatory for the member and user to delete the item that he / she wants to delete before transferring to the 3rd parties and before the public offering. Otherwise, and its administrators cannot control, undo, delete, delete, and assume responsibility.


1) Members and users, expressed in the Internet environment, all thoughts that they upload, action, writing, video, photography, slogan, painting, cartoon, line, word, song, melody, commentary, or use them as authoritative intellectual property, they accept and declare that they are solely responsible for all kinds of follow-up and requests for and its authorities.

2) Members and users, the action, writing, video, photography, slogan, picture, cartoon, line, word, comment, such as the nature and content of material such as official institutions, organizations, third parties, as well as the management is responsible for the management of

3) Members and users are legally authorized to use the services and to log in to the site, and they assert, declare and confirm that they assume all responsibility for the selection of the services, the use of the services and the access to the site, and that there are no obstacles. Members and users accept and undertake that their access can be prevented by the management of even if they fulfill these commitments


1) Members and users, they are committed to their own commitments and they are responsible for the unrealistic of these commitments, expressed in the internet environment, all thoughts, action, writing, video, photography, slogan, image, cartoon, song, melody, image, line Article 22 of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, reproduction in Article 22 of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works; All rights to buy and / or transfer from the right holders and related rights holders, all over the world, to music cassettes, compact discs, MP3 and other audio and / or image carriers, and future audio and / or image carriers a, broadcasting, placing on the market, representation, cable, satellite, terrestrial, digital, analog, encrypted and other ways and other ways to be developed in television and radio broadcasting rights, such audio and / or image recordings; internet, mobile and similar computer environments, IVR (Interactive Voice Responce), GSM environments (mobile phone melody, etc.), replication, dissemination, placing on the market and representation rights, such as audio and / or video recording as a video clip processing, spreading, the rights and methods of broadcasting on television, including, but not limited to, broadcasting, representation and representation in cable, satellite, terrestrial, digital, analogue, coded and other ways, and in other ways to be developed in the future. processing, reproduction regulated in Article 22, dissemination in Article 23, representation in Article 24, and all kinds of signs, sounds and / or images issued in Article 25. they accept and undertake that they transfer without number limitation.

2) Members and users, site, they obtain, download material and data can not be used for individual purposes, can not be made subject to trade, can not be transferred to 3rd persons, stock, will not be used by archive; summarized and the conditions specified in the site can not be used outside, can not be used to accept and undertake.


1) services register the IP addresses of the users connected to the system on the basis of the date, time and the desired address and / or pages on the website records. This information is key information for both system security and possible user problems and is not related to user personal information.

2) The user’s contact information allows the user to be reached when required. Confirmation of membership, and approval of changes to information regarding membership, are made possible by e-mail / e-mail messages. sends a message to the members by e-mail / e-mail when necessary.

3) As a rule, the site and any correspondence between members and users, personal information, etc. is a secret and is not disclosed. This situation can be violated only in cases where there is a legal obligation and this breach shall not be against the law or legal responsibility. However, even in this case, the limits of the victim’s victimization will be kept as narrow as possible.


Sah Advertising and Information Services may, at any time and without warning and warning, prevent you from using the website or accessing the website without any justification. In addition, if you violate the terms and conditions set forth in this section, Şah Reklam ve Bilişim Hizmetleri may block your access to and use of all or any part of your website.


The use of certain trademarks and other distinctive names and / or signs of third parties and the existence of a license agreement between these persons and Şah Reklam and Bilişim Hizmetleri, or the goods, services of the third parties of Şah Reklam ve Bilişim Hizmetleri. and does not imply endorsement. Sah Advertising and Information Services, or the intellectual property owner, nothing in the content of this web site shall be given to the user without any written permission of the relevant third parties. does not give any use rights or licenses.


1) systems have taken care to take necessary measures for security. The information given by the members may not be given to third parties or shared with third parties or used. All user accounts are password protected. New passwords will be sent to e-mail / e-mail addresses if members and users forget their passwords. For security reasons, passwords are not reported to any other address other than the e-mail / e-mail address to which the user is registered.

2) attaches great importance to the security of both the site and its members and users. For this reason, security tests are regularly conducted in the system and efforts are made to avoid any security breaches. However, from time to time, membership as a pirate is in question. The following safety precautions must also be observed in order to avoid a safety problem.

3) The member and the user cannot engage in hacking, virus loading, security interfering activities on the website.

Security precautions

1) Members and users should scan their computers frequently, update their anti-virus program periodically, and not open files from people that they do not recognize by e-mail / e-mail.

2) Passwords, letters and numbers to be composed of a combination of difficult to guess. It should be noted that predictable passwords, such as date of birth, name and date of birth, sequential letters or numbers, and the name of the team being held, can be easily captured.

3) E-mail / e-mail providers (yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc.), non-institutional personal sites, blogs or unrecognized areas, e-mail / e-mail address and password must be entered strictly.

4) If using a common computer (workplace or internet cafe), after logging into, you should not leave the aber Exit www. link in the upper right section, which means safe exit. Using this method instead of closing the browser will prevent the user to log in to using the same computer, then accessing the members and users’ page.

New notifications can always be made by


1) Karaman Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes arising from the application of the above-mentioned provisions and legal relations.

2) Management can develop and update the above-mentioned conditions at any time.

3) The address of members and users to Privacy Policy shall be considered as legal address for all notifications to be made to members and users.

Members and users declare that they have accepted all the above provisions and that they are aware of the contents.