They were rescued by some people inside the garbage truck

No matter the type of work you have, or how much you earn in that job, always fate will surprise you to make you get out of the routine and test your humanity, in this way as it happened to this set of collectors of garbage.

In Montevideo, capital of Uruguay, the workers of the urban cleaning of the municipality, performed their work day after day as some other night; oséa, grab the trash bags from the streets and containers to take them to the truck and then move it to the garbage dump.

When the workers arrived at the garbage dump, they began to hear a very strange sound coming from inside the truck. Quickly all the collectors began to take out the bags and to break them with their hands or shovels to offer with the origin of those children groans.

After an extended search, the origin of the sounds was known, it had to do with a puppy. One of them took it and put it away from the garbage. The collectors gave him encouragement and tried to calm the dog with their voices, but the pup was obviously scared to be in that place.

There is no initiative from the time he was inside the truck and much less from who put it in a garbage bag as if it were a waste. “Today we won the sky in my laburo (work), we opened a truck full of garbage because we heard a puppy crying inside, it emerged again”, wrote Fernando, one of the urban cleaning workers of the Municipality of Montevideo who helped to save to the dog that was surrounded by garbage.

Fernando divulged the video in his Twitter account, without imagining the receptivity he was going to have. His tweet had more than 45 thousand retweets and 100 thousand I like, in addition to hundreds of comments from people thanking his beautiful task, and motivated to understand much more of the creature.

Hours later, Fernando wrote and published many more images of the dog. The whole group of workers bathed her, sheltered her and placed her in a box so that she would finish the day. At the end of the work day, one of his work comrades took the dog to his house as a pet and a gift for his daughter.

At this moment, the dog is called Luna and is adapting to her new place of life that gives her enough love. For his part, Fernando and his whole work are considered idols in the communities for having such a noble heart and joining forces to help a defenseless life.

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