One of the great classics of Latin American pastry is the cake or orange qurque. This exquisite preparation in conjunction with the vanilla cake, chocolate and carrot are an important part of the collective recipe book. It is a snack which never fails, since I like to all over the […]

The main ingredients of these cakes is the Apple, a fruit that is rich in vitamins A, B and C, which also helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood and reduces the risk of heart attacks, why is that these recipes are so rich and nutritious. We present 4 different […]

The Oatmeal pancakes are ideal to enjoy breakfast or evening, since in addition to being easy to do and fast, are very healthy because they will do without sugar. Wait no longer and know this healthy alternative to bread. Ingredients: 250 grams of oat flakes 150 milliliters of milk egg […]

This salad is a classic, because most of the people like and is also very strong. That is why today, you’re going to teach to make a delicious salad of cooked potato with hard-boiled egg, tuna Tin, tender onion, tomato, peppers and olives for any time that give us feel […]

This recipe you’ll love, it is ideal to accompany basically what you want. Now you can prepare a rich sauce of mushrooms and you won’t believe how easy that is, in addition, you’ll see that you can make it look elegant and different to your preparations. The best of this […]

Recently, the lentils have become a staple when it comes to creating any kind of diet, either to gain muscle in winter or set in summer. Among its benefits are low-calorie and high nutritional value, all that makes the perfect vegetable to eat in the summer, either in salads or […]

It is common knowledge that joint pain tends to be very annoying, and even debilitating. The causes of this condition are many, and of course, pain joint is multifactorial. Although it is very difficult to know the origin of this condition, as if we can tell you, is that there […]

The mousse is a traditional dessert that can be made of multiple flavors. On this occasion we offer you the recipe of the mango mousse, a very nutritive and digestive, dessert with the exotic flavor of the mango and the unmistakable texture of the mousse. Ingredients: 1 Tin condensed milk […]