Who is Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, the man who was born as a special talent and proves to the whole world that he really is, is walking on the moon with his magnificent voice and distinctive dance.

She managed to demonstrate her talent as a child. Her father’s love for music sprouted in all his children. But Michael has the most life. Michael was the king of Pop, now that he is known to the world.

Although his childhood could not be experienced in the absence of a great deficiency in his life or scandals mixed with the place where his weakness, Michael, not only the period, as the legendary artist of all times, the name of the gold letters were printed.

It is a personal preference to love or not to love a person. But when Michael Jackson is mentioned, the flow of the flowing water is like the way things are expressed.

Childhood and music

Michael was born on August 29th, 1958 in Indiana, Indiana, when he was the seventh child of Katherine and Joseph. His father, Joseph, was a factory worker. On the other hand he was passionate about music. He used to play the guitar and evaluate his free time. Joseph had 9 children in total and taught them to fall in love with music.

Music was the most fundamental phenomenon that glorified the spirit of the family. In the early 60s, the father of Joseph, the son of “Jackie, Jermaine and Tito” and “The Jacksons” says music group formed. Later, dı The Jacksons yarış began to sing and participate in competitions in clubs.

According to other siblings, Michael began to be interested in music at a very early age, and his father discovered his talent. Especially her solo performances were amazing. So when he was 6 years old in 1963, he was joined by his brother Marlon. The band’s name changed to ”The Jacksons 5 Gr .

Music brought Michael’s life together with training and work. His life was now completely based on music.

The Jackson 5 is rising

The group was particularly inspired by their solo performance. Because he had a very special voice and dance skills. Until 1968, The Jackson 5 continued his work as an amateur. They came out at night clubs and bars.

Then one day they took part in the competition held at Harlem – Apollo Theater in New York. The most famous R & B record was Motown, and The Jackson 5 was attracted to the company’s founder, Berry Gordy.

The group signed with Motown in 1968 and moved to California. His ascension was too fast.

Their first album

Motown began to publish albums based on his record label. Their manager was Suzanne de Passe. His first four singles had been number one on the charts , eler I Want You Back, ABC, Save The Love and I’ll Be There İlk . The Jackson 5 quickly gained a reputation beyond himself. He was a worldwide representative of the Negro pop and Soul vocal groups in the ’70s .

All this reputation, this ascension was actually linked to Michael. Michael seemed to mix up the music and present it to the people. His strong voice and peculiar dance was the biggest factor that led the group to the first place. After a while, Michael would be known as Michael Jackson who would separate himself from his band.

Between 1971 and 1976, he was still a member of the group and signed Motown and released solo albums. Her solo career includes a solo album tı Got To Be There, Ben, Music and Me and Forever Michael Michael .

The Jackson 5 Cartoon

In 1971, when the band was at the top, it produced the Walt Disney Pictures cartoon. With the publication of the cartoon, the reputation of the Jackson brothers was echoed all over the world.

They started their concerts in England in 1972. They went out the box office wherever they went. The Jackson 5 knew no boundaries.

Change of record company

While everything was actually going well, there was a decline in the group’s sales after 1973. Matown was very uncomfortable and wanted to take control. After that, he was only pushing the company to sing the songs he had chosen. The Jackson 5 didn’t want to endure any more. In 1976, he decided to leave the company. He made his new contract with Epic Records .

However, during this company change, he remained in the brothers’ Jarmaine Motown. He was married to the daughter of Berry Gordy. The group has lost its name. The Jackson brothers took their youngest brother Randy into the band, replacing his brother, Jarmaine, and the band became called “The Jacksons . 

New era for The Jacksons

When the group was renewed, the career process was renewed. They had now opened a new page as mış The Jacksons Artık . Michael was pushing the summit.

The Jacksons quickly recovered. Between 1976 and 1984, they created their career with their albums and singles. They’ve released 6 albums from Epic Records , but the one you like most was 1978 6 Destiny Ep . This was one of The Jacksons’ most successful albums.

Tı Destiny önem also became important for Michael. Because many of the songs on this album were bearing the signature of Michael Jackson and had received worldwide acclaim. Michael understood with this album that his talents were not limited to singing and dancing. Tı Destiny üne sold more than two million copies, especially the fame of Michael Jackson.

Michael in the musical film

Michael took different steps while taking quick steps on the fame steps. In 1978 , he played the ”scarecrow de in the musical ” The Witz 1978 . “The Witz” , “The Wizard of Oz” was adapted from the story. At that time , Diana Ross was alleged to have lived in love .

It was a musical in Michael’s life. In the meantime, he met Quincy Jones who sought songs in the musical. This was a nice step for Michael’s future success. They took a real step and formed a partnership as the film continued. Together they were going to make Michael’s first solo album.

The first independent solo album

Michael’s first independent solo album en Off The Wall ılı came out of Epic Records and produced Quincy Jones. This album contained all the songs that made a worldwide impression. . Don’t Stop, from the top hits . Til You Get Enough, Rock With You, She’s Out Of My Life , undoubtedly played a big role in the rise of the album’s sales figures, making Michael the idol of pop music.

This was a spiritual gain. And there were concrete awards. Michael was honored in three categories by the American Music Awards in 1980: İyi Best Soul / R & B Album – Of The Wall, Best Soul / R & B Male Artist – Michael Jackson, Best Soul / R & B Song – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’ .

These were just the beginning. In February 1980, he received his first Grammy Award for the song “Til You Get Enough B for Stop Best R & B Male Vocal al with & Don’t Stop1980 .

In fact, there was a special reason for such a worldwide appreciation for this award. Quincy was normally a jazz musician, and in the albums he usually built this kind of music to the infrastructure. But this album did not content with this, Michael’s ability had discovered. That’s why he used the disco and funky rhythms while editing the album’s infrastructure. In this way, Michael Jackson had a special kind of music.

This special music brought with it a special reputation. After that, the word olü pop idol Bundan would be used.

Michael continued to work with his brothers as he rejoiced in the success of his solo album. In 1980, he made the album albüm Triump ” with ” The Jacksons 1980 . In his compositions and words, all the attention was collected again on Michael’s. In particular , the video of the song beğen Can You Feel It çekil was liked. Michael once again captivated everyone with his dancing talent. It was clear from these days that one day it will be among the types of dance.

Turning Point Album

1982 was a turning point for Michael. Because almost the album that we remembered today when we remember the name of the album. The producer was Quincy, whose friendship was reinforced, and the album, Thriller Yapım was released from Epic Records.

The album was released in a row in a row and each song was a hit without exception. He broke the sales records with the songs we know today like kır Beat It, Wanna Be Starting Something, Billie Jean bugün.

There was no doubt that the songs would be liked, as well as interesting videos for the four hit songs. He had proved that he was unique with these clips and would always do his work this way. Even a first was happening; MTV first released a black singer’s clip from lib Billie Jean MT.

In particular , the 13-minute clip to the song kel Thriller., Which is set on a fantastic subject, literally boomed. The video was transformed into a feast with Michael Jackson. After much acclaim, the clip was released in VHS format, and Michael broke another sales record.


On the 25th anniversary of Motown’s performance, they performed Jacks The Jacksons “ as Mot Billie Jean Mot. Michael danced again while singing, and his ve moonwalk ediy movement drew much attention. She was a source of inspiration for her choreography in her video. Today, yazıl moonwalk nit was written as a sign of Michael Jackson.

“Thriller” was at the top of the album with 37 weeks. As a matter of fact, these success awards brought.

In 1984, Michael Jackson was nominated for 12 Grammy awards, 8 of which he left for the night. Seven of the awards were for The Thriller “ and 1 for 1982 ” Someone In The Dark Ödül . He also won the title of the artist with the highest number of awards in the night.

In 1984 kazandır Thriller “ won Micahael Jackson with 3 8 American Music Awards, 4 American Video Awards, 3 MTV Video Music Awards and Outstanding Achievement Award“ .

Unfortunate accident

When Michael couldn’t get enough of the awards, he considered one of the advertising offers that fame brought along. He and his brothers signed an agreement for Pepsi’s commercials. However, during shooting, part of the commercial film, Michael’s hair caught fire during the fireworks display, causing serious damage to his skin.

Michael thought that what happened to him was negligent, and he held the company responsible. Therefore, it filed a lawsuit for compensation and concluded in favor of the case . Michael donated the number he gained from the case to the hospital where he was treated.

Compliments to Michael Jackson

The album “Thiller” continues to get drunk, and Michaelhas released an album that they call “Victory” with his brothers. One of the most successful albums of the Jackson brothers was on the market, and this album also included many Michael’s songs. No doubt, they would all be hits.

They went on a 5 month tour with Victory . Michael had announced that he would donate the entire income from the tour. Michael was given a gesture in response to this behavior; . Michael Jackson “ was addedto the Hollywood Stars Parade. The revenue from the turn was $ 5 million.

In 1985, Michael donated his m Beat It da to be used in television and other media in campaigns against the use of alcoholic cars. As a gesture of this, he was invited to the White House by President Ronald Reagan.

In the years that followed, Michael became a pioneer in many social responsibility projects. He wrote dı USA for Africa Are with Are Lionel Richie “ and aç We Are The World Are for hunger in Africa . This song is still the best selling single worldwide, and has also been performed by many famous names such as “Tina Turner, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan Bu. He also won Grammy for Michael and Lionel.

At the end of each responsibility project, he was grateful for something. However, the time to criticize was not far away.

Critics of Michael Jackson

1985 was not only praised for Michael, but was well received by his critics. More than 200 songs of the sebep Beatles tartış group have caused great controversy over the acquisition of a large stake in the copyrighted ATV Music. He saw the strongest reaction from his close friend, songwriter Paul McCartney, who also arranged the auction. This incident not only shattered their friendship, but also the end of the songs he wrote together.

Unfortunately, these discussions are not over. Some members of the press were talking cynically about Michael. When he was trying to buy the bones of Elephant Man to live for a long time, instead of using his name anymore when he was talking about his interesting demeanor, they remembered him with a nickname m Wacko JackoUzun.

New album

Balances were constantly changing in life. One day while praising, it could be common to fall apart another day. Michael went on with his life and made new albums.

In 1987 he worked with the same producer and record label and released his album iyle Bad 1987 . This album also includes five songs in the history of American Music; Dü Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, Man In The Mirror, Dirty Diana and I Can’t Stop Loving You , was the first album to be placed on the American Music list.

According to the latest information in 2008, the album sold 8 million copies in the US and 30 million copies worldwide.

Michael’s plastic surgery

After the introduction of his album eye Bad sponsor, he went on a 16 month long tour sponsored by Michael Pepsi. This was the first solo Michale Jackson tour andgave atotal of 123 concerts . On the other hand, Pepsi was on the screens with ads.

At the end of the tour, Michael made a short film- tasting clip with Martin Scorsese as the director for tad Bad Tur . In the 18-minute video, Michael Jackson’s new image was more in the foreground than the song. Michael Jackson had a new color.

The media wrote that Michael Jackson wanted to whiten his skin because he was embarrassed to be black. They were even talking about having undergone other operations such as rhinoplasty, forehead lifting and lip thinning. This change, which caused a complete sensation in the press, did not adversely affect the sales of the clip.

Michael preferred to write instead of talking about aesthetic operations. In 1988, in his autobiography Moonwalk, he wrote that he had undergone only two aesthetic operations and that his surgery also applied to his skin because of the wounds on his chin.

In the 1980s, when the album ten Thriller 1980 was released, Michael’s skin began to change. Black region began to whiten skin region. Michael had vitiligo. The disease was most prominent in the face and tibia region. Until 1987, he hid it with black makeup. But the white areas were gradually increasing. This time, white makeup started to be applied. In 1988, however, he no longer needed the make-up, he was white, there was a smear on his nose. There were large scars in the shin bone.

Michael later said in a statement that the disease was seen in the family of his father. But according to doctors, the disease was not hereditary. Others claimed that the medicines given to Michael had bleached him since 1982.

King of Music

In 1988, in the director’s chair “Jerry Kramer and Colin Chilvers” he sits down and Michael Jackson as “Kellie Parker, Brandon Adams and Sean Lennon” was accompanied. There was no staggering result, the film had seen the expected attention. Even the VHS versions have set a record with a million sales.

After this, Michael Jackson was declared king of music, Pop, Rock and Soul and became an idol with a worldwide reputation.

Late childhood

He also proudly wrote the success of the last film. But he was also bored with the bad aspects of fame. Rumors about her which she kept dangling from her, as well as questions about cameras, Michael left the house in Hayvenhurst where she lived with her family.

He bought the Neverland farm to live. He could live out of sight in this 2700-acre farm. Moreover, he had plans for his childhood. He turned this big farm into a place where a child would be happy to be inside. Zoo, amusement park, a small lake Hayvanat

While writing these lines, Istanbul is also flooding. I left my sentences with the sound of a full moon. However, I dreamed that Michael floated paper ships on that small lake Hal

90s Michael Jackson

In 1991, Michael signed an astronomical figure with Sony, with contracts for 15 years. In the process, they would make 6 albums and a film. And the way he gave Michael Jackson was a lollipop, and he talked a lot.

In November 1991 , he released his new album ün Dangerous Kasım .

The 90s were for Michael. Oldu Black and White as was the hit part of the album and it was an event. Because, in his video, he talked about sexuality, violence and racism. Especially the last scenes were great. As the clip was such a big event, Michael published a press release and conveyed his deep sorrow. He took out the sensational parts.

In one of his sentences, he said: yalnızca I’m just someone who wants to be honest, trying to make people happy. My aim is to give them a ği sense of escape ols through the power that God has bestowed upon me. My heart is here. All I want to do is Tüm yapmak

Even after all this, Michael Jackson’s reality has not changed and the rest of the album; In Remember The Time, In The Closet, Jam Clos was hit by songs like. He even made 22 million sales worldwide, until he released his next album , History .

A dinner with Michael Jackson

In 1992, MTV began broadcasting its first international competition. Anyone could join the competition from all over the world, and the prize was a meal with Michael Jackson. The competition had attracted great interest. The winners gathered in the clips of Michael’s top In The Closet Tal.

In 1993, the ABC channel released The Jackson: An American Dream . The program was talking about the real life stories of the Jackson brothers. Indeed, a dream had met with real life. This is the reality behind the love of Jackson brothers so much.

Humanist of the Year: Michael Jackson

In 1993, Michael Jackson signed another social responsibility project. Du Heal The World Foundation al established a fund whose aim was to ensure that children have better and equal living conditions and become a beneficial individual for society.

Children in need of help and attention were brought to Michael’s Neverland farm to have fun. On the other hand Michael gave 67 concerts to win the fund. 1993 Superbowl match between the circuit with the mini-concert in the 100 million people reached the screen by reaching the biggest record ever achieved.

His achievements have also not been rewarded: he was awarded the sane Living Legend m on the 35th Grammy Awards in February . Also in March, Soul Train honored her with the ın Humanitarian of the Year Ayrıca award.

Album series

Michael was going to make a serial album this time. In June 1995 he released History Begins , the beginning of his new album ı History: Past, Present and Future “ . The album was the cover of the 15 old hits. The first single of the album, “Scream,” which he sang with his sister Janet Jackson , achieved the success of the big list. He has shot a clip that is the most expensive video of all time.

The Jackson Brothers received 3 awards in different categories at the MTV Video Music Awards with this song.

He gave the second part of the series ”History Continues Ser . This time he had 15 new songs.

The awards, apart from the anti – Semitic expressions in the song tep They Don’t Care About Us, Us attracted Jews’ reaction. The lyrics were changed in accordance with the music in the arrangements when it would appear as the fourth single from the album.

Michael Jackson married

Michael Jackson had great love with Lisa Mary, the daughter of Elvis Presley, king of the Rock and Roll. They married in late 1994. Michael was a man in love. Their honeymoon was cut off on the honeymoon at Disneyland. They took the gondola and bought thousands of pounds of toys. In the words of Lisa, Michael was a passionate lover.

This marriage lasted only 18 months, as long as it was love. They have no children.

Second marriage

It wasn’t long before this marriage ended, that Michael, who went on a world tour for, History , in 1996 , married Deborah Jeanne Rowe in Sydney, at a time when concerts were still going on.

He had two sons, Prince Michael II and Prince Michael II, and a daughter, Michael Paris. But Michael’s marriage didn’t last long. Even in 1999 the couple divorced in an eventful way.

Michael Jackson has been hiding his children in cameras for years, or hiding them in various covers. And this scene, which we all probably remembered, dug into memory and swallowed great criticism when he was in Berlin, swinging his little son off the balcony. The real sensation was the custody of the children in the divorce. This case would end in 2006. The court decided to limit the rights of spouses to their children.

The start of criticism was based on the scene of the 1996 Brit Awards night. Because when Michael appeared on the scene, he sang the song ğı Earth Song birçok with many children surrounded by whites, and there was a figure in which he opened his arms between the two trees. On this incident, he was exposed to the criticisms of the Messiah himself. After that event, the continuation of the criticism of course, after all the events had come.

Longest clip

In 1997, she remixed hits on the History album and released them under the title ‘Blood On The Floor: History In The Mix’ . The album attracted great attention again

Michael Jackson dedicated this album to Elton John . He directed a clip directed by Stan Winston and co-written with Stephen King for i Is It Scary and Ghost “ . This clip was the longest music video with a duration of 35 minutes, and again received the attention it deserved.

Michael Jackson in the Millennium

What was it like to be an artist of every period and never lost an interest? I think I’ve got the end of the rope from the ’90s. Every 10 years, the cycle has changed, but he has both a footing and always been his own.

In 2001, Michael released an album called ine Invincible , ü which was the first of 13 countries to be on top of the pop list . He hit the millennium with a hit song like “You Rock My World, Butterflies and Cry” . When he saw all this success, he couldn’t help but think that he had reached beyond the world.

Meanwhile, his music company, Sony, was filling out and in fact Michael had warned the owner Tommy Mottola before the album was released, he wouldn’t have renewed the contract. That’s why they opened up.

The legal procedure was processed and all promotions and sales of the album were canceled. After that the event became increasingly ugly. Michael claimed that Tommy was disrespectful to American artists of African descent and that he used them for the benefit of black artists of the company. Sony denied these allegations. After 15 years of work, the separation was extremely weary.

Thirty Year Party

In September 2001, Michael Jackson had a party at Madison Square Garden, celebrating the thirtieth year of his solo career. At the party were his close friend Elizabeth Taylor , the children’s star Macaulay Culkin and Chris Tucker . Famous names such as i Usher, Withney Houston, Destiny’s Child, Gloria Estefan, Shaggyisimler sometimes colorened the night by singing Michael Jackson’s unforgettable songs and sometimes their own songs. Even N’sync and Britnry Spears had the chance to have a duet with Michael Jackson.

Jackson brothers and sisters also presented a demonstration overnight. Tonight, it was proof that Michael Jackson was really carrying the title of “King of Pop” .

Claims of child abuse

In 2003, Michael announced that he would release an album called “Resurrection” . He even made the promotion of the album with a short film.

But something was going wrong. In March 2003, although the Xscape song was announced, it was announced that it was going to be released. However, the album CD Number Ones etiket, which is hit by the end of the year, was released in CD and DVD format. This album sold more than 8 million.

At the same time, there were allegations that Michael Jackson was a child abuser and was arrested. He expresses his grief for these events with the words: hayat Everyone who really knows me knows that he is above all else in my life and I can never harm a child. Bu

In the album where he gathered his old songs, he just added a new song he called “One More Chance” . This song was shot for the second time because of allegations of child abuse during the clip shootings. But he was again released.

As a child who had never lived his childhood, his sorrow was very deep. In one statement, he used the following sentence: “I shared my bed with boys, but there was no sexual orientation Bir

A further news was announced as allegations continued ; Michael changed his religion and became a Muslim. In 2005 it was said that he had built a mosque.

About the published news was incessant claims of whatever. In August 2004, the VH1 Music channel released a visual biography of Michael’s life as anlat Man In The Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story Ağustos . Garvin Arviso, again on the agenda of child abuse allegations had brought up again. Eminem , the famous rap singer of the period, also made a reference against Garvin Arviso with his song ıs Just Lose It Dön. Now the discussions had taken his head, Michael broke his silence. He made a statement and implemented his decisions.

Michael Jackson in Bahrain

There were 10 lawsuits filed against June 2005. Michael was acquitted of all the lawsuits filed against him.

He was cleared at the court in Santa Maria in California and was flown to Bahrain by the invitation of Sheikh Salman bin Hamed Khalifa. He sold his farm Neverland and settled in Bahrain. His advocate, Thomas Mesereau, confirmed this information. Michael had lost a lot of weight after his experience due to his stress and harmful habits; this unhappiness was eating him up. He also decided to move with his friends who made a vital decision and who did not leave him alone in difficult times.

That was the right decision for him. Because in a short time he recovered his health and even started making new songs. For example, yaz I Have This Dream ina was written here for Hurricane Katrina. Even the famous singers such as ünlü Snopp Dog, Jermaine Jackson, Ciara ı sang together. However, the song was not published for unknown reasons.

Diamond Award

In April 2006, Michael had a single-album contract for his album, which was scheduled for release in 2007 with British Music Producer Guy Holmes.

In May 2006, he won the’n Living Legend da award again after the 35th Grammy at the Video Music Awards held by MTV Japan Location in Tokyo . On the other hand, after a long hiatus tonight, Michael was on the screen for the first time.

8 prizes were awarded; received awards at Guiness World Records London office. As he also sold more than 100 million copies, Michael Jackson was also the owner of the “Diamond Award mas at the World Music Awards .

Thriller 25

2008 was the 25th year of Thriller’s most prominent album Michael. For this reason, in February 2008, he released his album ”Thriller 25 ver which is special for 25th year . In addition to the songs in the first album bu Thriller deki , there were 8 more songs in this album.

With the release of his private album, the short films of Jean Thriller, Beat It and Billie Jean ün, which were still in the spotlight but still kept warm , were re-released in DVD format. I Thriller 25 da became the 2nd in America and 3rd in the United Kingdom.

In March 2009, he made a press statement in London. Michael said that starting on July 8th, he would give 50 concerts in London and that these would be the last concerts for London. However, he could not give these concerts Ancak

Michael Jackson is dead

Michael was with his doctor and his assistants in his Los Angeles home. He was preparing for a concert in London. He retreated to his room to get some rest during rehearsals. However, he became ill and hospitalized in the morning.

She had shortness of breath and then she lost consciousness and entered a coma. Michael’s heart had stopped. On June 25, 2009 at 2:19 pm, Michael Jackson closed his heart as a result of his heart stopping in Los Angeles.

Her autopsy was carried out after her death. According to the autopsy, Michael was very healthy. The main cause of death was the strong anesthesia drugs he used.

Commemoration of Michael Jackson

Michael made his last rehearsal at the Staples Center two days before he died . The commemoration ceremony was held on July 7, 2009. His entire family and children were there. Famous names had also joined, and, of course, his fans wouldn’t leave him alone. His death was as affair as his life. This ceremony was the most popular funeral and TV event in the world. Her entire family was on the scene.

The difficulties of being so famous and loved didn’t end even after Michael died. The news of the death had not been too long before, and the false news , which he claimed was still alive, came to the agenda. Some of the fans chose to believe that. Maybe they don’t want to admit that their beloved Michael Jackson is dead, who knows.

A lawsuit was filed in February 2011 against his doctor about the death of Michael Jackson, and the case ended on 8 November. Conrad Murray was deprived of his license for having caused his death, and was sentenced to four years in prison. Because, Conrad did not give the anesthetic medication that could be fatal to Michael and used in the surgery without the necessary equipment and followed it with an alarmed monitor. Michael fainted when he was outside to talk by phone with his girlfriend. This time, however, he applied the wrong first aid. Conrad killed Michael unintentionally.

One way or another, Michael died somehow and he’s not in this world anymore. But it feels as if he’s still around. When he hears the voice of a human being … The formula of immortality must be something like that.

I have the pride of being able to say that Michael Jackson has passed this world y

Good thing…

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