With only 4 slices get an unlimited amount of tomatoes in a pot in your home

Many, when we cook, we think that all we want is that the ingredients used are organic, without pesticides and other chemicals that can harm health later.

When we buy vegetables at the fair is impossible to be certain that we are buying food without chemicals, so to bequeath to House should wash them very well to avoid risks. Therefore, the best way to consume any chemical-free food, is grow them at home.


How to grow tomatoes at home

The tomato is one of the ingredients most used at home, not just for its flavor but because it is also very nutritious and conforms to any type of dish. But the interesting thing is not only that they can be combined with almost all, if not that also can get tomatoes without the need to go to the market.

The procedure to grow is very easy, you only need 4 a tomato slices and place in a pot to make tomatoes arise gradually. Thus we make sure that what we are eating is totally organic.

Below you can see an explanatory video on how to grow them at home.

Desde ahora en adelante podrás disfrutar de unos sabrosos tomates orgánicos de tu propia casa.

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