Sister Rooms Become Savior of Families with Children

the feeling that a person feels when he holds his first child in his lap feels the same excitement in his children, who come into the world later. Although the feeling has not changed, the number of children increases or decreases depending on different factors such as economic situation, welfare structure, social structure, country of living and belief in different societies. You may not have a lot of difficulty when decorating a nursery for the first child, but if the number of children is increasing and the number of rooms in your house is limited, then you will need to optimize a room for more than one child. In this case, you might need to decorate your sister room. The rooms are important for home decoration ideas such as sister rooms for the children’s room or the young room decoration. It will also be used for two or more siblings.

Brother and sister room for a girl and a boy


You should choose the most appropriate decoration items for them, as there will be age difference between the siblings who use the room as partner when decorating the sister room. There is no room in the house for the newly-married couples or babies coming after the child or they may want to stay in the single room. In this case, instead of preparing a new room, you can decorate your sister room by separating an area for the crib for the baby in a corner and a room for her private items in the same room with the growing child. In doing so, the integrity of the room and the child’s jealousy may cause a different application should not be made so different. Even the age groups of your children will be close to make the corresponding sister rooms will be easier for them to enjoy the same things.

Baby and children room for two brothers

This sister room was suitable for two brothers but more than two children needed more beds and more private space. You can do this with modular furnishings and creative home decorating ideas that do n’t actually need a very large bit room for it. As in this example, you will provide a modern look while saving space in the room with the rope-tied beds on the ceiling.

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3 brothers for younger sister room


Modern sister room for three brothers


An important element for sister rooms is the elements to be used to customize the room by person and gender. You can have corners describing them with their initials, as well as different colors and different styles by gender. The brothers may enjoy the same things, or you can decorate your sister room in the same way so that you don’t have the wrong perception of the distinction between them.

Wall ornament for sister rooms


In this case, wrought iron beds were chosen for the initials and for the two brothers, and other decoration items were chosen. In this way, while eliminating the difference is personalized with small details.

modern nursery for two brothers


Brother and sister room for two young brothers


Sister rooms decorated with siblings room decoration

Sister room for different tastes and different areas of the person made in different children’s room, some of which are younger room examples of different sister rooms we have presented to you. In these sister rooms, you and your children can use the creative ideas in your own home.

sister room for two teenagers


White sister room for a baby and a older child


Working corner for sister rooms


Young girl and boy room together sister room


modern brother room for two brothers


Modern children's room for two brothers



wooden sister room for two brothers


children's room with wrought iron beds for two brothers


Blue Pink Sister Room


Room for brother and sister room for two brothers


Sister room decoration for three sisters


Simple brother osa


Young girl room for two brothers


sister rooms five sister for sister room

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