Pick up boxes of fruits De La Calle and copy these Ideas of furniture to save space and keep order in your home

Do you have a way to get wooden boxes? Or perhaps you have some stacked there at home. Insurance did not know that you can reuse them to turn them into furniture and things for your home.

By reusing crates for fruit get original d├ęcor, personalized for different spaces of the House while you will keep them in full order and economic look good!

Wooden fruit crates are very easy to recycle if we use a little creativity. As of a resistant material, can give it many interesting applications to avoid having to place them in the trash…

1 make a piece of furniture where you can place your stuff, perhaps an ornament or something even cuter, proceeds to paint it white and will you as a piece of furniture that you’ll buy, this phenomenal.

2. what friend like a bedside table to put the alarm clock beside your bed? Now you can do it with the help of these wood, sandpaper, paint boxes to your taste and many ideas.

3. do need you a Cabinet for your kitchen? These wooden boxes can be everything that you need, placed into an electric range and see how it works to perfection.

4. If you have a space in your living room to put a piece of furniture like this, do it. These are very useful in organizing many things such as; books, ornaments, decorations would be fantastic.

5 If your child need learn to be a little more organized, you can start adding furniture where it can get to organize their things.

6. look how functional these tables, you can place a myriad of things in them, the best thing of all is that if you add wheels you can move them where you want without having to charge it.

7. If you manage to get a wooden box that is sufficiently large to put drawers also you can do it. Garnish as you like!

8. maybe your bed is very high and not you can to just the box of fruit on the side, always can put legs and paint them the same color as the box, you will be spectacular.

9 encourage you to develop a Cabinet for your vegetables, so you have a place where to order them in your kitchen and not will be spinning from here to there.

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