Make ripe plantain pies with this simple recipe

On the off chance that there is something that we as a whole share for all intents and purpose with no uncertainty is to eat, attempt diverse dishes of nourishment is the side interest of many, however it is better regardless of whether you likewise get a kick out of the chance to cook and explore different avenues regarding sustenance, at that point this article is for you.

Today we will show you how to set up the best ready banana empanadas that you will taste in your life, the best of all is that they will be to a great degree sound empanadas, in light of the fact that it will be for the most part of ready banana, and interestingly, they will be prepared and not seared.


Among the most run of the mill dishes among numerous nations, for example, Mexico, Colombia, Republic. Dominica, Venezuela among numerous others, is empanadas and the best of all is that it serves numerous events, for breakfast, lunch, snacks, supper.


Fixings Empanadas Plantain Maduro.

Vegetable oil in splash, A measure of ground cheddar, ideally Mozzarella.

One spoonful of sugar, One egg, Half a spoonful of vanilla pith, Two tablespoons of margarine.

Three tablespoons of generally useful wheat flour and four ready bananas.

Readiness of develop banana pies

As a matter of first importance wash the bananas well, and sliced them down the middle. Put water on the fire and include the bananas in that holder to, abandon them until the point that they are delicate.

Kill the warmth, evacuate the skin of every banana and squash them until the point that you get a batter, let the outcome rest for 5 minutes to include the egg, vanilla, sugar and flour to bring together them.

At that point, make a ball with the club and given it a chance to rest for 20 minutes, at that point separate the batter into 12 unique segments, pound until the point when you get fine circles and begin to put the filling, for this situation Mozzarella cheddar, overlay fifty-fifty and press the edges of the plates to seal the empanadas. At first glance you will splash the oil in shower and somewhat more in the plate in which you will prepare the empanadas.

Make sure to preheat the stove 400 degrees F, enter the plate with the empanadas, given them a chance to cook for 15 minutes on each side and voila, you as of now have your new dish basically.

We leave you a video of our companions Tasty that clarifies the formula better:

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