Learn this simple way to grow grapes in your own home

Today there are many people looking for ways to grow their own food in your garden or greenhouse because there is nothing better than doing it yourself.

In the case of the grapes is not difficult, in fact you can arrange them according to the type of climate you have in the place where you live. Usually the fruits obtained are much tastier that that can be found in the markets, since they are free of chemicals and their care is much more aware.

The only thing you need to grow grapes is a container or pot, it’s not important to have so much space.

Date to cultivate

The best time is the winter, until the first days of spring.


It is important to know what is the best type of grape that grows in your field, so you make sure of getting a good result.

After choosing the seeds you must:

  • Clean with water at room temperature
  • Place them in a glass of 200 ml of water
  • It separates the seeds that float and discard the others
  • Let them soak into the vessel for at least 24 hours

The cultivation

In a pot with fertile soil to cultivate you should:

  • Make 3 or 4 close holes in the Earth, of at least 10 cm of depth
  • Place a couple of seeds in each hole
  • Fill the holes with soil without pressing it too
  • Water the ground immediately

First outbreaks

The plant will begin to sprout during week 6 and 8. When you have at least 8 centimeters, you must transplant it to a larger container.

Of the pot to the ground

When the plant already has 39 centimeters you out of the pot to bring it to your garden. Before doing so you should clean the ground and loosen the soil to grow the plant without difficulties.

Plant Earth

When the field is ready you must:

  • Make a hole of about 40 centimetres wide and 40 cm deep
  • Carefully transplant the plant and fill up
  • Installs support for plant

Es importante agregar un soporte para la planta, ya que es trepadora y necesita un lugar firme donde crecer. Al principio puedes amarrarla a varillas de madera o estacas metálicas para que crezca derecha y después de una año aproximadamente, puedes construir un enrejado o alambrado para que se extienda.

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