Learn how to make 5 litres of detergent spending only $2.00

Today we are going to help you have a huge economy, because we will teach how you can make 5 litres of detergent, the best thing is that you will spend less than $2.00.

Homemade detergent

Let’s go to the recipe, take a pen and paper to write down:

5 liters of water;
500 ml colourless detergent;
100 ml of vinegar;
1 mild soap bar (200 grams);
3 tbsp salt;
3 tablespoons sugar;
3 tablespoons baking soda.

Homemade detergentPreparation:
grate the bar of SOAP 200 g neutral, put a little water (less than 1 litre) in a blender to help beat the SOAP gradually go putting SOAP.

Once the hit SOAP, you add the Blender 100 ml of vinegar, 500 ml colourless detergent, sugar, salt and baking soda. Cover and hit everything.

Place the entire contents of the recipe, the gallon of 5 liters of water, and your homemade detergent ready.

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