Furniture Designed Using Wooden Reel

Most of the time, we’re used to seeing the cable wrapped around the wooden reels are wrapped when the cable is idle. These idle rollers are very suitable for furniture construction due to their shapes and wood. Different designers and people who want to make furniture for themselves didn’t want to miss this opportunity and they had the idea of ​​making furniture for these reels. The beautiful furniture you will see below are designed for different areas of the house.

Since these reels will be used as waste wood, you can have the furniture you want in a friendly and very cheap way because the new trees are not cut for the construction of the furniture you made. Being wood will facilitate the selection and installation of other materials you will use. You can make the furniture you need with wooden reels using suitable colors and materials for your home decoration.

Because the wooden cable reels are round, it allows people to do the most furniture and table-like furniture with ease. Wrought iron tables and wrought iron coffee tables sometimes with the help of wrought iron feet are sometimes completely dismantled from the round parts, and all designed using a wooden round table . Having an easily processed structure will make it easier for you to have the table you need.

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It is possible to use these furniture made with wooden rollers in different areas of your home. There are different options available for the lounge, such as a coffee table or sitting groups that you can use for outside areas such as gardens , balconies and terraces . Apart from these, you can also make pots with different designs for your flowers.



If you need a stylish kitchen table and a small space for the kitchen, this table with the reel is complete. When similar examples are combined with your creativity, the furniture that your home needs will emerge.


No coffee table or table made with spools. You can also make many elegant armchairs with round sections and the middle part of the wood. Single you a special seat or the distance to be used for different fields holding more than two persons you can also design chairs.






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