Creative 22 Different Examples for Children’s Room Decoration

When we do home decoration, we follow decoration trends according to our own style and tastes. Not only do we have adults in our homes but we also have to think about kids. In order not to overlook the children and their rooms, we can turn their rooms into habitable fun spaces. Since there are many different examples for the decoration of the children’s room, we will look at 22 different examples which are only special style. Children will not want to leave their room by spending a fun time in these rooms.

Children's Room Decoration

Parents always try to meet all the needs of their children according to their own means. If you have decided to use these facilities for your children’s room. When applying children’s room decorating ideas in children’s rooms , you should pay attention to making the room as comfortable as possible. It will be more beneficial for children to choose examples of decorations that will enhance their entrepreneurship and mind muscle coordination while decorating their rooms with children’s room decorating ideas for their surroundings and childhood will have a direct impact on their future achievements and education.

As your children grow fast, you can decorate the nursery room andmake a little more forward-looking plan. When children grow up, you should choose products that are suitable for young room decoratinginstead of children’s rooms, or you can have a special design of young rooms . You must get their opinion before you start. Because they do not want to spend time in the room because they symbolize your authority on the rooms and they do not take pleasure. When spending time in their rooms, instead of spending time at the computer, you create a fun space that is decorated according to your own tastes.

Çocuk odalarında kullanılan halatlar, merdivenler, salıncaklar, kaydıraklar gibi onların eğlenceli zaman geçirmesi için kullanılan ürünlerin güvenliği de farklı bir boyut. Çocuk odası dekorasyonu yaparken güvenlik önlemleri almanızda gerekli fakat bunu yaparken onların yaşam alanlarını ve hayal güçlerini sınırlayacak sıkıcı ürünlerden kaçınmalısınız ya da güvenliği sağlama için kullanılan ürünlerin oda ile bir bütün oluşturulması sağlanmalıdır. Güvenlik konusu biraz da odayı kullanacak çocuğun yaş aralığı ile uyumlu olacak bir dekorasyon seçmek fakat bu da biraz zor gibi çünkü çocuklar çok hızlı büyümekte. Bu durum için belirli bir yaş aralığına uygun bir dekorasyon seçmelisiniz. Aşağıdaki 22 farklı örnekte sunulan odalara uygulanmış olan çocuk odası dekorasyon fikirleri ile sizde çocukların çıkmak istemeyeceği odalar dekore edebilirsiniz.

Interesting Kids Room Decorating Ideas

1) Tree House

This room made a decor that evokes a feeling of nature in the tree-like wallpapers, tree house, swing and tree that will evoke the feeling of a tree house.

Tree House Kids Room Decoration

Tree House Kids Room Decoration

Tree House Kids Room

2) Basketball Court

It was a room where the basketball-loving children would love to go out.

Basketball court children room decoration

Kids Room Decorating Ideas

3) Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes are a series of comic strips, published by Bill Watterson, between 1985 and 1995. The cartoons published in over 2400 newspapers all over the world describe the adventures of a six-year-old smart and imaginative American boy named Calvin, and the best friend Hobbes, his dear friend, whom he saw as alive by others, but alive by Calvin. Source This room is an indispensable area for children who love these characters.

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Calvin and Hobbes children's room

4) Tree House Adventure

In addition to creating a natural area like a tree house, this room also has a climbing track. In this way, children can have a fun time.

Tree House Adventure Kids Room

5) Shipwreck Themed

The walls and ceilings were painted in an appropriate way.

Sunken Ship Themed Children's Room

6) House In House

This room, which has the feeling of having a house of your own in your child’s room, makes you feel like you have your own house.

House in home Children's room

7) Ship’s Cabin

A decoration like the ship’s cabin was preferred. Thanks to the staircase in the room, the impression is made on the deck of the ship.

Ship Captain Child Room Decoration

8) Hidden Tree House Game Room

A room designed as a room was coming out of the tree with the help of the stairs from the floor in the space on the top of the wall and the branches of the tree stretching to the ceiling was a very successful work.

Hidden Tree House Game Room

9) Children’s Play Room with Hidden Slide

What children can say no to a hidden playground with a slide?

Hidden slide and playroom

10) Wonderland Forest

This room is decorated like a forest in Wonderland and children will have a fun time in a fairy-tale land.

Wonderland Forest Children's Room

11) Ship Themed Children’s Room Decoration

The room had a ship theme. As if the crew crew will sleep below, this room will be indispensable for sea-loving children.

Kids Room Decoration with Ship Theme

Ship-themed children's room

12) Indian Tent

Inside the room you will have the opportunity to play cowboy games that will challenge your imagination with a wigwam.


13) Pirate Ship

A very successful study with all the details considering a pirate ship feeling like this room both a playground and a field of adventure that will experience the adventures that will force their imagination.

Pirate Ship Kids Room

Pirate Ship Kids Room Decoration

Pirate Ship Kids Room Decoration

14) Fairy Tale

Fairy fairy tale like the nature of the fairy and decorated in a colorful room.

Fairy Tale Kids Room

15) Princess Carriage

The princess car, which we remembered from the story of the ash cat, turned into a pumpkin, was designed in the middle of the room and decorated in a suitable room.

Princess car themed children's room

16) Narnia Logs Secret Children’s Room

A room like the room in the Narnia Diaries, which is the famous film that all of us know and even dreamed about once, is designed and you go to the room through a closet like in the movie. Children won’t want to leave this room.

Hidden children's room in Narnia logs

Hidden children's room decoration in Narnia logs

Hidden children's room decoration in Narnia logs

17) Children’s Room with Theme Theme

There was a funfair in the room as well as the play tools and decorated a colorful room.

Circus themed children's room

18) Retention Tubes

It seems a bit dangerous, but children love small areas like cats and play fun games in those areas.

Children's Room Decoration

19) Captain of Spaceship

This room is illuminated like a spaceship, with panels and buttons to add to your own control.

Space ship captain children's room

Space ship captain children room decoration

20) Super Mario

The character we all remember from our childhood, Super mario is a character that the present children love.

Super Mario Children's Room

21) Speedway

Children will be awakened as a racing driver, who gets the dust of the racetracks with a Ferrari vehicle.

Children's Room Decoration

22) Colorful Round Labels

Painted with a white color, this room is a popular game of recent times with colorful round bubbles like agar.

Colorful Labels

Colorful round stickers

Colorful round stickers for kids room

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