7 ideas for painting your walls in a creative way

Decorating the home is one of the most fun tasks, we can do alone or in pairs, since it makes us the imagination and keeps us busy in something that we like.

But one of the big problems decorating is that it’s often very expensive, buying decorations, or paint some wall, remodel among other things, the best options is take out the creative side we have and build things to decorate.

On this occasion of present 7 ways to paint your walls, so you don’t have to spend lots of money on painters, which sometimes are enough expensive.

With rollers with textures that give a unique style in your wall.

Create textures in the roll.

2. Insert the nature in your house painting flowers.

Painted different kinds of flowers on your wall, you can change colors and combine them while more colorful best.

3 create different textures

Let your imagination fly and creates different textures with different colors.

4 stripes only a wall look great

Use stripes, circles, or any other figure, combining colors to discover what you like most.

5 use a broom to create lines with a tone slightly clearer

Use a broom to make light lines, combining colors.

6 type.

Another great idea is to fill a wall of letters, can be phrases, poems, names of people special.

7. cut a cardboard in the shape that you like and draw lines around.

Create your favorite molds, and uses any color, let your imagination.

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