5. natural ingredients, cheap and not harmful to health to clean your home

We know very well that keeping the House clean is a daunting task, especially since it requires perseverance and effort. Not to mention that we must spend money on specific products for each task: whitening, deodorise, stain removal, kill fungi, remove fat, etc. Surely you can imagine each one of these products are manufactured using chemicals that can damage our health. Therefore, it is very crucial to know that there are natural ingredients, always have on hand at home, and that we can use to clean without risk of damage to us. Today we give you a list of these ingredients:


1 vinegar

We can use it to disinfect the kitchen area and bathroom. It is an excellent antibacterial and anti-fungal. We just mix vinegar and water in equal parts. Pour the liquid in a spray bottle. We can spray on surfaces of kitchen, stove, sink, tiles of the bathroom and the toilet inside.

We can also use it to remove mineral deposits that build up in the sinks or showers. If we want to remove mildew stains, it is advisable to do it with vinegar.


2 salt

This ingredient must come together with other products to promote. We are talking about ingredients such as vinegar, lemon or carbonated water. It is very useful to deodorize the refrigerator before defrosting, only must mix the salt with the carbonated water and spray a little to the inside of the computer.

Also removes white spots that create the liquid on the wood. In this case, we mix salt with cooking oil and apply the result on the spot. To clean and brighten the floor, we should only add a little salt to the water.


3 baking

We can use it to disinfect bathrooms. The baking soda has many uses, but its cleaning effectiveness is unmatched. We must only use a sponge and a generous amount of white powder. We can carve with the sponge on tiles, tiles and even the inside of the toilet.

To remove grease from pots, cutlery and dishes, also it is ideal to use the baking soda. We only add a heaped tablespoon detergent for scrubbing, as bicarbonate increases its power. If we want to remove mattress stains, we can use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and liquid soap.

We recommend to clean silver objects so that they shine bright, use a paste of baking soda with water. Simply dilute three parts of bicarbonate by one of water and apply to the object.


4. Limón

Podemos emplearlo para dejar al microondas como nuevo. El mejor ingrediente para blanquear, remover manchas, eliminar el moho y cortar la grasa es el limón. Sólo debemos agregar un limón cortado dentro de un vaso de agua, lo introducimos al horno y dejamos que hierva.

To absorb strong smells that accumulate in the refrigerator you must cut a lemon in half and place in the refrigerator. It is advisable to change it every week. Excellent polishing metal, brass and copper, so it is very appropriate to use for pots.


5. olive oil

We can use this ingredient as a furniture polishers. It also serves to eliminate traces of blows or scratches on the surface of the wood. You must only apply a few drops on the wood and wipe with a cloth. We can also help with him to give protection to the glasses. You know, the best allies are the products that you use every day to Cook, all you need to know is give a different use and learn about its properties.

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