5 cleaning techniques do not know and that will facilitate you the life

Clean our home takes time and determination. It is an inescapable task, it is postergable, but you can never escape from it, because there comes a time that must be applied to not finish living in a garbage dump. Like all, or at least the vast majority, being in a room neat and organized, but the road to get to a home where everything shines clean is long and hard.


There are reasons why there is not enough experience in the field of cleaning, can be because you just get out of your parents house or because you always have someone who will help you at home to meet the household You can suffer a little to achieve the desired cleaning. But, don’t worry, here we bring you 5 cleaning techniques that will help you keep your home clean and organized.


1 littering


By simpler as it seems the task, sometimes happens that when trying to remove garbage from the trash bag simply does not come out. This is because there can be suction between the bag and the dumpster, the solution is simple: get small holes at the base of the trash and ready, the next you want to throw away the trash will be able to remove the bag without any problems.


2. clean the sink

When you wash the dishes it is important to not forget to clean the sink, since microorganisms that eventually will make that does not look anything neat where you wash the dishes that you eat can accumulate on the walls.


3. clean cutlery

Each type of covered a different cleaning is required. I.e., stainless steel cutlery, for example, can be washed with a soft sponge and neutral dishwasher, stainless steel sponges take away shine and eventually damage the lining of the cutlery.

For the plastic cutlery, the ideal is to leave them to soak in hot water and SOAP to eliminate the bacteria that accumulate in the slots in the plastic.


4. clean the cooking burners

Ammonia is a powerful degreaser to clean the kitchen is. To clean your kitchen burners must only do the following: remove burners and burners from the kitchen and place them inside a plastic bag, then add a little bit of ammonia (preferably the product which comes in spray), closed the bag and tries to spread the product on the entire surface of the burner, let to act all night and the next day washing in the usual way. You will see that all the attached fat will disappear.


5. sodium bicarbonate

Now we all know that the bicarbonate is allied cleaning and with a little of this substance can degrease your pots. Simply dilute a little bit of baking soda in hot water and then let the Pan soak for a few minutes. Then clean as usual with the sponge and dishwasher. Now have no excuse to not dedicate a day to clean your sweet home, after all, a clean house is a House that causes.

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