13 utensils kitchen that does not know and that will need immediate

In the kitchen there is always innovation possible, we always have a new world to discover or something that can dazzle us. This is the case with the utensils, which have evolved in accordance with the needs of our preparations. Then teach you 13 utensils strangers of cuisine that you didn’t have the idea existed, but you’re going to need immediately.


Organizing cookie

When we open a package of cookies and them not eat all, over time they are soft. This cookie dispenser allows you to keep fresh much longer.


Cutting tomato

To make it easier to achieve that all blades are very thick, this tomato cutter is ideal.


Pasta drainer

One less problem to prepare the best pasta.


Practical bag for cooking

Put the ingredients in the bag with the meat and seasoning, and nothing more: the oven do its magic and ready.


Banana cutter

This cutter is everything you need for a perfect snack.


To not to spread anything

This grater allows us to keep our kitchen clean and in order, without hovering by the meson remains.


Eat pineapple was never so easy

Cut pineapple and never will be a problem.


Garlic grinder

Fast and convenient, will be also useful to say goodbye to the smell of garlic on your hands.


Spreader brush of oil

Finished fights with the frying pan.


Spiral of eggs

Nice and fast tool.


Waste of fruits

Really a success.


Kneading roller design

The perfect cookie.


So strange as incredible

This Sharpener allows us to create beautiful and original decorations in our dishes.

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