10 amazing ideas to decorate your mirrors at Christmas. The I want to all, especially the #8!

The best of Christmas is that you have an excuse to fill all your stays with magic and color. You can also play with different objects in your home like mirrors, check out these beautiful settings and let that Christmas come!.

1. double mirrors with garlands and red flowers.

If you want to give the best feeling of spaciousness is to decorate so that your mirror is not covered, surround them with beautiful flowers, garlands and bows while playing with color and light you’ll love!.

2. red touches for wealth.

Red is the main color of Christmas, therefore, fill your mirrors of this emblematic tone will help you attract the best of the Christmas spirits.

3 elegance and style.

If you are looking for something a little more sophisticated points by large loops in highlights tones and delicate ornaments.

4. great adornments for large mirrors.

The tassels of bright colors and great shapes are going very well in Central mirrors, opt for hanging accessories, will give you a very special touch to your decor.

5. many ties.

If you’re fanatical big ties this is your opportunity, seeks various tapes and manufactures many ties that you will then place around the frame of your favorite mirror.

6 green and gold.

Along with the red, these are colors that scream Christmas party!

7. never are too many embellishments.

Mistletoe love all, combined with beautiful decorations for the table and ribbons of vivid colors, you won’t regret it.

8. winter delicacy.

We love the snowflakes, therefore, we love this decor where our mirror seems to have been frozen in the purest style of the Princess Elsa singing “I’m free”.

9 scenes and ginger.

If what you want is a child touch to the younger members of the family, we are sure we can achieve this with this beautiful design.

10. not always the reloaded is wrong.

Christmas is a time to give us a little excesses, do not be afraid to seem too Christmas, there are moments where it let out all your imagination is very necessary!

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