With this homemade fertilizer your plants will grow fast with 3 things that are in your trash

We want that our plants and roses are always in perfect condition, but some begin to see themselves with a lack of fresh or dried and have ceased to grow.

This sometimes happens even in optimal conditions and you water them regularly, sometimes plants need an energy boost we can only get with a fertilizer.

But many don’t like us use in our plants artificial fertilizers, since they are very expensive and are full of chemicals, so today we will teach you a method of fertilizer in your trash.

The three necessary ingredients for the nutrition of a plant can be found easily in every household in huge quantities:

Banana peel that will be our “source of potassium,” the coffee grounds will be our “source of minerals” and egg-shell will be the “source of calcium”.

With the fertilizer from this video, your plants will reward you with a strong growth. Try it and tell us!

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