See how you can create beautiful centerpieces with calla lilies, leaf and stones…

Are you a nature lover? Then these beautiful centerpieces you will love! Because they are really simple to make for a special occasion.

If you have an important celebration and want everything to look magazine’s, then you should pay close attention to this information, because you will show as a highlight the decor of your event.

I’m talking about different kinds of elaborate centerpieces of simple but yet elegant way with calla lilies or coves, so much that you will leave your guests with their mouths open.


Calla lilies or coves.
Glasses or vases highs and smooth without any texture or design.
Water, flowers.
Floating candles, stones to decorate.

Center of table #1. The only thing you need to make this beautiful Center is a not-very-tall vase square and place 2 or 3 gannets inside as you see in the picture, is very simple and will look beautiful on the table.

Center of table #2. These centers are beautiful, you have to combine vases fine highs and lows so they look spectacular on the table. Putting the gannets inside and a little water. To decorate give these long leaves green, that time in the image.

Center of table #3. This is very simple but spectacular, you can use it for a wedding or christening because they look very beautiful, you only need a vase under square and putting the gannets shorter with a little water. You like it? It’s beautiful.

Centro de mesa#4. Este es un centro más elegante, necesitas un florero alto y algunas piedras pequeñas para decorar dentro y darle dimensión, luego colócale las Alcatraces dentro y ¡Listo! Se que te encantara.

Center of table #5. This Centre is also ideal for a wedding or a special occasion, is simple and easy to do but quite elegant. You should only combine high and low vases colocarle the gannets in each one and finally a floating candle.

Center of table #6. This Center is very similar to the previous, transparent stones decorate it with loopholes in the background and you can too large white roses match, and the final touch floating candle.

Center of table #7. This is another beautiful Centre you can do with a fish tank and many white bushy flowers, will be beautiful if you do so which its white cord, your decor will look super stylish.

Center of table #8. Simple but elegant to be placed in the center of any table, do so with a small vase many gannets and some palm leaves to highlight.

Center of table #9. This is my favorite, because it is very delicate, simple and elegant, the perfect combination for that occasion where you want everything out and look good.

Center of table #10. This last Center is beautiful and simple, but if you put it next to the wedding cake will be the center of attraction for the guests.

What was your favorite? Everyone loved me and I will not hesitate to make them to highlight the decoration of any special event that has from today onwards…

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