Learn how to prepare this Grilled Milk Custard simply with eggs

Broiled drain or drain pudding is a standout amongst the most flavorful pastries on the planet and best of all is that its basic arrangement, with a couple of basic eggs and drain you can cook this enjoyment.

The egg custard is one of those treats succred to the best degree and to which no one says no in light of the fact that everybody likes it. I show you how to set up the exemplary egg custard and every one of the secrets to cook it in weight cooker or traditional, prepared or microwaved.

This formula is an essential formula. In the event that you like flan with flavor, include cinnamon, coconut, vanilla or the flavor that you like the most.

Elements for the Flan:

– 4 eggs of size L.

– 500 ml of drain (2 and a half glasses).

– 100 g of sugar (5 tablespoons or a large portion of a container).

For the sweet: 4 tablespoons of sugar (1/3 glass) and 3 tablespoons of water.

Well ordered planning of egg custard:

Pour around 3 centimeters of water and place the custard secured. Cover the pot and take it to the fire. Cook for a short ways from the minute the pot light ascents. After these 5 minutes, expel the pot from the fire and given it a chance to lose weight.

After 30 minutes, painstakingly, evacuate the flan. Enable the egg custard to cool to room temperature and after that store it in the icebox for no less than 5 hours.

On the off chance that you will make the egg custard in the stove, put the compartment with the custard inside a glass holder reasonable for the broiler and cover it with water until half of the external form. Place in the stove at a temperature between 175-190ÂșC for around 1 hour to a hour and a quarter, with warmth here and there and with the custard secured (with top or aluminum thwart).

To cook the egg custard in a customary pot in a bain-marie, put a little water, until the point that you achieve 3 or 4 centimeters of the flan, the cooking time will be 60 minutes. It is critical that the water does not bubble and that is the reason you should cook it over low warmth. The water will bubble, however you ought to do it without spouting.

In case you will cook it in the microwave, you can utilize a silicone shape or a pyrex or glass form. Embed the form revealed at medium power, from 450 to 500 w for 10 to 15 minutes. Watch that it has been cooked, checking whether it has set.

To unmold it, pass a blade around the edge, move a little tenderly to motivate it to take off, and with the assistance of a plate, return it.

Caramel readiness

Place the sugar for the caramel in a pot and include 2 or 3 tablespoons of water. Light the fire and leave until brilliant dark colored. Try not to do anything, simply sit tight for a pleasant brilliant shading. At the point when the caramel achieves the brilliant shading you need, empty it into the shape where you will set up the custard.

Watch the video on the most proficient method to do it:

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