Learn how to how to make crepe paper flowers easily

Crepe paper flowers never go out of fashion, they are perfect to make you a unique gift made by us to that special someone.

No doubt the person who give you a crepe paper flower, feels special because we take our time to create it, and we not only bought it, the main material is the crepe paper that fits also to decorate.

They are quite economical and simple do so let’s step by step:

Materials to make paper flowers:

Desired color crepe paper.
Ribbons in matching colors.
Buttons, scissors and glue, preferably in silicone.
Flexible wire.

Guide for making paper flowers.

Step 1:

The first thing we do is to cut into squares, several layers of paper. The more layers you have, more Navy is going to be our flower.

Step 2:

On one end of the square, we began to bend as in zig zag, keeping all the layers together.

Step 3:

We would have to meet as we see in the image below.

Step 4:

We lined the wire with green tape, using glue so not us disarm. Wire size depends on the size of our flower, it would have to be proportional.

Paso 5:

Now, we put just wire in the middle of the paper, pressing strong well, as we see in the image below.

Paso 6:

We began to open the petals, that simply with carefully separate each layer of paper, trying to go leaving us with a round shape.


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