9 creative ideas for reusing your old t-shirts that you’re about to throw away

There are many loving people buy clothes, while more you have more you want, the problem is that the old more never return it to use, one of the options is already donate them, but if you do not want today we will teach you how to get more out.

Although these are a little worn down even so we can meet you better use that throw them or leave them in the cupboard for many years without using it.

We know that you like the ideas which we show you, that this time we will look for other uses for your old t-shirts. Let your creativity is released and begins to show what they can do and achieve with patience and recyclable materials.

Bags go to the supermarket

Help the environment, and not to use plastic bags, sewing the bottom area of your cotton shirt and short sleeves, where they are long sleeve, because you are going to use them as the bag handles.

Headbands for girls

Take the color that you like your old t-shirt, make a great braid and is ready.

Cushions for furniture:

Get the design you want, measure well pads and forralos.


You can cut the fabric to the style you want, after all, is your style which you will be dialing.


Takes several shirts, cut them into pieces small and not so thick to join them and have your own homemade carpet.

Belts for pants, skirts and shorts:

You can do braids and hair ribbons or elaborate belts as more you want it, it is something simple.

Apron for painting or cooking:

You should only take measures on the front of the shirt and with the rest of the fabric do tie straps and pockets if it is to your liking.

Top sports

The pattern will do on a sheet letter size and there are starting to make the top. If you think that it is necessary, put some rubber bands to make them stretch.

Video step by step more uses for our old t-shirts:

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