5 rules of gold so that your Tangerine tree grows healthy and strong

At this time we want to take advantage of give some tips so your tree of mandarins grow up healthy and strong. To grow a leafy tree of Mandarin at home. you just follow a few simple steps. While there are many people complain is difficult and laborious that is this plant, there are tricks that will make you to be very compliant with it. It is time to learn them. Follow these easy steps and in a few years you’ll be tasting the delicious Mandarin orange juice.

There are two ways of planting a tree of Mandarin. The first is perhaps the easiest and, therefore, the less gratifying: buy the seed, once you have already germinated, at a shop specializing in Botany. The second is the mejory I assure you that it will give them the pleasure to life with their own hands to the floor. For this option we need seeds and follow these 5 steps:


1. the process of germination


Planting seeds of Mandarin in a cloth, preferably chiffon. Then moisten the gauze, it is important to not exceed with the water. Wrap the seeds and let them stand for several days. With the passage of time, the seeds will be swelling and some will germinate, which indicates that we are ready for the next step which is to plant it.


2. mix the different types of land is essential

You should preferably, you choose to plant it in a pot, because the Mandarin does not support nor the base dry or sour. So the best practice is preparing your own land: two parts of humus by two parts of forest floor and a sand.


3 it is necessary to consider the size of the pot


4. three golden rules to grow Tangerine tree
humidity, sunlight and do not expose it to temperatures, which means that we should spray it on a regular basis. In addition, it must be exposed to the Sun. Important: do not submit to tree at temperatures below 15 degrees. In summer, it is vital to water the plant several times a day, while in winter it is recommended to decrease the frequency to 3 times a week.


5. If you want sweet and juicy fruits will have to attend the tree

In short, the wait can be rewarded if we follow the steps and keep our pest-free tree. Tangerine takes 4 to 5 years to give us their first fruits so you must have patience.

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