12 smart ideas to take advantage of the dry branches this Christmas

If you do not have a Christmas tree for cost or space these ideas will go very well in your home, so you pay attention and put them into practice.

If you don’t have money for a Christmas tree or the space of your home does not help you, then you can’t miss this fabulous ideas, that will help you to have a beautiful and original tree with dry branches.

Idea #1. Get creative and decorate the corners of your home with this simple but very brilliant idea, the branch you can leave natural or paint with gold Spray to be more striking, then putting many areas and ready!

Idea #2. Look at that beautiful, elegant and very attractive idea to place a dry large branch in a corner of your House, if you want to leave the natural but painted white with Spray looks spectacular. Then decorate and ready!

Idea #3. This option is more delicate, also is a branch more open with little decoration will see elegant and beautiful.

Idea #4. Look that cute idea, you must only place some branches on the wall, decorate with lights and few objects. To add the final touch, the star will look beautiful.

Idea #5. But if you want something more colorful, this option is indicated in addition still saving space at home. Look at that beautiful.

Idea #6. Beautiful delicate and simple this idea, placed a branch, dim-witted, and some stars, it will fascinate you.

Idea #7. This idea is more elegant and colorful, it is also small and save you space, because you can place it in a corner.

Idea #8. This white branch with black and Golden spheres is a good choice for the Hall because it will not remove you plenty of space and is going to look very nice.

Idea #9. This Christmas decoration is beautiful, blue, Golden spheres with the stars give it that special and unique touch to this natural tree.

Idea #10. But if you want something more elegant yet, don’t miss this decoration in silver, it is beautiful and is perfect at the entrance of the House.

Idea #11. This is another great and simple idea but at the same time elegant, mira as the branch is put many lights and Golden spheres, it is beautiful.

Idea #12. Beautiful it will look this dry branch as Christmas tree decoration, details of the cotton that simulate snow are very delicate and true together their flakes.

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