12. creative ideas for recycling used plastic bottles

Daily used millions of plastic bottles worldwide, for single-use for example a bottle of water, but what many people don’t know is that these last 100 million years to disintegrate, and it wouldn’t be great to give you another use? keep reading.

It is incredible pollution that create plastic bottles in our planet, that it’s good to give another use, a creative use, therefore we collect a number of ideas with plastic bottles.

You will have fun very creandola and not only that if not that will be of great utility.

Magazines or jewelry organizers:

Ideal for storing old magazines, newspapers, or other things.

It separates your shoe or wires in your home:

In this way you can keep your shoes, and electronic products.

Plastic bags dispenser:

If you’ve just always accumulating plastic bags, do not throw them. Put it in a bottle recycled like this.

It becomes a case plastic or uses the caps from bottles to store food:

Organize your room bath:

Are you that leaves bathroom upside down because you have thousand accessories makeup? Follow the steps that are shown in the picture and contributes to the other inhabitants of your House in an ecological way.

Fun planters made from reused plastic:

If you are a lover of plants you will love these crafts.

Hanging bottles pots:

You no longer have to buy pots, recycle your bottles of this very original way to give life to your garden.

It manufactures a dustpan and a rake:

Or a plastic broom:

This sprinkler is great and 100% organic:

Pet food dispensers:

You feed your animals in a more sustainable way.

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