10 vegetables that can be grown at home easily regardless of the time of the year

Products that we planted in our House are free of chemicals or any product that is harmful to our health. That is why, we have devoted so much to grow all the food that we are going to be consumed in the diet from day to day.

Today, we’ll teach you to sow 10 vegetables you can grow in the garden or backyard of your House. They are very easy and simple to grow, so do not worry in this, that something can go wrong, because even the smallest House will help you.

Onion and Leek: place them plenty of water and put them in a place where they can receive enough light. When leaving the buds you can eat them

Potatoes: Cut potatoes into slices, each must have a son so I can germinate. Leave them to dry for a few days and then plant them.

Lettuce, cabbage: place the root in water and put it in the Sun. In several days you will begin to see the leaves.

Ginger: Placed the root in a humid place and light, leaving the roots to plant it.

Chives: Placed the root in water and wait it out shoots to Earth.

Onions: In damp earth, you just the bulb.

Garlic: take a garlic, put it to bring light and will be outbreaks in several days. Take it to the ground.

Potatoes: do it exactly like potatoes.

Pineapples: a look at the image and follow the instructions.

Carrots: the upper part, will place it in a warm place and water and light. To see buds the plant

Now, to grow your own vegetables at home. As you saw, it is very simple, so wait no more, become an expert in growing your vegetables.

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