10 Smart Ideas to take advantage of the thread on Christmas decorations

10 Smart Ideas to take advantage of the thread on Christmas decorations
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Is already coming Christmas, decorate your home quick and easy and the best economic Super! With these beautiful designs created with thread.

This season is based is happiness and spend time with our loved ones. However, it is also a good time to take advantage of make beautiful ornaments that fill our home of magic.

On this occasion we will teach you to make beautiful ornaments with thread, easy and economical you’ll love them!


Thread rustic as ixtle or thin rope (can also be used wool or worsted).
White glue.
Christmas decorations like pinecones of pine, bells, spheres, ribbons, tapes, Moss, foliage, etc.

Steps to follow:

1. blow the balloon to a size medium, not very large or very small, it should retain its shape of sphere.
2. disorderly wind the yarn around the globe, as if you did it like a ball of wool or yarn.
3. apply the glue with the help of the brush until everything is covered.
4. rolled up more thread on the globe as you apply more glue.
5. let it dry very well.
6. burst the balloon with a PIN and remove it through one of the slots that were on the globe.

With this technique you can make beautiful Christmas ornaments as which we show you below:

Snowmen: these cute little friends decorate all your spaces as and when you want.

Tree of spheres: is the time to create a very special tree.

White Christmas Snow: not missing the snowmen!

More men’s snow: decorate them as you like!

With a touch of Purple: purple will always be the colour of elegance, enjoys creating beautiful pendants ornaments with an infinite number of reasons.

For the Christmas tree: we must not forget the Christmas tree, the spheres of thread are really versatile.

Varied motifs: flowers or many colors, the thread gives to everything.

Foreign decorations: even hanging from the ceiling or exterior, these balloons are beautiful in every place and time.

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