These are the benefits that brings to your body giving a daily walk

These are the benefits that brings to your body giving a daily walk
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Sedentary lifestyle is harmful to our body, because the body is prone to suffer from various diseases resulting from inactivity, which has a direct impact on our quality of life.

If you are a sedentary person, never too late to change the way in which you lead your life: with just a little effort, you can notice big changes in your health and your mood. The large amount of energy and well-being that gives the movement is amazing.

But most importantly to enjoy the benefits of the exercise is to be constant, what generates healthy changes are habits.

You can start by proposing you walk less than 30 minutes time, properly heating the body before exercise to prevent any possible injury. In addition, you must always keep a proper hydration, so a bottle of water will be an excellent companion.

When you decide to start exercising, never forget to pay attention to your body: you must strive, but not too much. If you feel that it is impossible to finish the time that you wanted to do, you must not dare to hurt you.

If you want, you can try to move forward with rest periods to make it easier to tolerate. Not you impatient, because this is a progressive process.

If you think you’re able to push yourself more, we recommend consulting with a specialist to indicate you as appropriate depending on your age, weight, and particular condition. Thus, you can exercise safely and without risk of injury.

In the event that you suffer any medical conditions, it is essential before even take a step, you make a visit to a specialist indicating you the type of activity most appropriate for you.


Benefits of walking:

  • Impact beneficially on the blood flow, making easier than every cell in your body is oxygenated and nourished on an ongoing basis
  • You’ll be avoiding problems in your lower extremities
  • Reducing the levels of sugar in the blood, preventing diabetes
  • In addition, reduce cholesterol and calories, which will help you to lose weight and strengthen your muscles
  • With a little time to have acquired the habit of walking, you will feel more energetic to carry out your daily activities. Also your self-esteem improves, because you will notice in the mirror how your body changes for good
  • Your bones and joints will be much healthier, avoiding suffering tears, fractures, contractures, or similar conditions. You’ll be more agile and strong.
  • Your digestive system will benefit, because the hikes will help to prevent intestinal constipation and slow transit
  • They will significantly improve your cardiac and respiratory health
  • It will help you to get rid of stress, and you can sleep better since doing a higher energy expenditure you can sleep more easily

In addition, when your body walks, it secretes hormones that will make that you feel satisfied and glad, that will make your mental health improves.

Get all these benefits walking regularly, using a suitable clothes and doing stretches before and after the routine to avoid any injury.

Daily walks, along with a healthy and balanced diet, and sufficient hydration, make that your body stays healthy for much longer.

It is natural for your body to move, so submit it to long periods of inactivity is only to condemn him to a premature aging. Long term benefits you will win.

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