These 7 exercises will transform your body in one month

These 7 exercises will transform your body in one month
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This workout can change your body in just 4 weeks without having to spend money on a gym or special equipment. You need 10 minutes a day and much strength of will.



This is an isometric exercise (this is done statically) where what is important is achieving and maintaining the correct position. As pictured, watch your back and legs straight, sindejar hung or arched low back.

You will work the muscles of the abdomen, back, legs, arms and buttocks. In addition to improving the general condition of your muscles, it helps to improve your posture.




It takes the same position of the iron but with straight arms, and then falls as much as you can. Then return to the starting position slowly. Always keep your back, hip and legs in a straight line.

This exercise works your pectoral muscles, abdomen and arms muscles.


It strengthens the hip and buttocks

In doggy position, stretch the left leg and right arm forming a single line straight, and then bend them slowly until it touches your left knee with right elbow. Repeat with the opposite side.

This exercise trains the torso, the hip muscles, and strengthens the back, waist and buttocks.




Put your feet up at the same distance than the width of your shoulders, always with all Palm’s feet resting on the floor. Both knees and feet should be at the same level and the back should remain straight. Get up so slow as you can, while maintaining balance with your arms to the front of you.

You’ll work your calves, hips and buttocks.




Lie down on your back, stretch arms above your head and bend the knees. With straight arms, slowly raise the torso until it touches your feet. Return to the starting position slowly.

You burn fat and work the muscles of the torso.


Abdominal and gluteal

Supporting you in your hands and feet in such a way that you can feel pressure on your back, raise one leg as high as you can. Then he raises and lowers your body without taking off the floor the second bead.

You’ll work gluteal, abdominal and waist.



Lie face down with your arms folded under your head, and lift the upper part of your body as much as you can. Hold the position for one second and return to the starting position slowly.

You image and tonificarás muscles in your spine.


Repeat these exercises for 6 days:

Remember: consistency is the key.


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