There is an Ideal diet for each body type. Know yours

You’ve probably noticed that you have the tendency to accumulate fat in certain part of your body. To resolve, insurance have tried to test the diet of your best friend and not has funcionad, well, the reason all this is that not all got weight in the same way. It is true that habits influence the figure that we have, but it is likely that we have more difficult to lose weight because of the type of body that we inherited from our parents and ancestors.

The American psychologist William Herbert Sheldon became a classification of bodies of three types or somatipos: Ectomorph, Mesomorph and endomorph.

Fortunately, according to data from the University of Houston (United States), nutritionists, trainers and doctors have taken into account such information to design custom meal plans. It is for this reason that identify the type of body is one of the keys to achieving diets successful and adapted to the needs of each body.

Ectomorph or “tube type” body

This body type is slim. This group includes those who have difficulty gaining weight. never forget that it is important to consult a doctor to rule out any medical condition. Although, in general, the body is low in fat, it presents difficulties to gain muscle mass. The ideal is that the diet is composed of:

Carbohydrates: 55%
protein: 25%
FAT: 20%

Food recommendation
If you belong to this group, it is important that you include in your diet:

lean meat
dairy and eggs
vegetables and fruits (avocado)
olive oil

exercises with weights or high physical demands are suitable to shape the figure and increase measures. Doing physical exercise, ectomorfas people should do little cardiovascular activity yenfocarse in movements of muscle development.

Mesomorph or “Apple shape” body

Also known as “Apple shape body”, not necessarily they are obese. Its drawback is that fat tends to accumulate in the waist area. This situation makes it, gain weight, those annoying “love handles” forming in the abdominal region. In addition, due to bad dietary habits, his belly tends to ignite more easily. The ideal for the women in this category diet should consist of:

Carbohydrates: 40%
protein: 30%
FAT: 30%

Food recommendation
If you belong to this group seeks to include in your diet:

Fruits and vegetables
lean meat
low-fat dairy
nuts and seeds
grains and legumes

Always avoid:

Food scrap or processed
soft drinks or soda
fried and canned
refined flour

a workout that combines cardio and strength exercises is ideal. The mesomorphs are “genetically lucky” because they are easier to shape your figure. Despite this, it is essential to complement the diet with regular exercise, since, as everyone, muscles require work and strengthening. In addition, it is healthy to practice disciplines such as yoga or pilates. They help maintain a proper weight and tone the muscles.

Endomorph or “body type pear”

Slow metabolism is what characterizes them and the tendency to suffer from overweight, obesity and other metabolic problems. Thanks to this, it is advisable to lower the consumption of 200 to 500 calories per day compared to the recommended amount. In addition, the consumption of salt, should be limited since it is more common to have problems of water retention.

Food recommendation

Healthy fats, such as olive oil and avocado
fruits and vegetables rich in water
whole grains
lean meats and fish
reduces to the maximum and, to the extent possible, avoid:

Junk food and processed
sodium-rich meal
sugary or fizzy drinks
sweets and bakery products

the endomorfos should spend around 30 minutes a day to moderate pace aerobics. We recommend walking, jogging or biking are just some of the activities that are ideal to help balance the body weight.
Once you will start to lose weight, appropriate is to begin to include strength exercises, two or three times a week. It is not simple to recognize our body type, because many times we noticed characteristics of two or more somatipos. However, in general, we further tend to belong to one specific. Tries to find out to which group they belong and dare yourself to improve your life.

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