The Popular Chinese massage: How to do it and what are its benefits

The Popular Chinese massage: How to do it and what are its benefits
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The self-massage has become a popular phenomenon, which is based on the Chinese gymnastics used by Qi Gong, which has more than 4 thousand years of existence. It is a massage that is very useful for those people who live immersed in work, few movements, are very stressed followed and are overweight.

Then we tell you everything you need to know: what is the Chinese self-massage, how to do it correctly and what are its benefits.


The self-massage based on hits

For 4 thousand years, the Chinese believe that Qi Gong improves the flow of vital energy in the body. We don’t know much about the Qi energy, but there are several scientific studies on the subject.

A large clinicalresearch discovered that this gym strengthens blood circulation, improves metabolism and helps to lose weight. Other studies investigated about the massage applied in children with autism and found that you serving them to lower their levels of stress and concentrate better on tasks.


How to do it

This massage is done with rhythmic movements, Pats and light taps. Get taps with the tip of your fingers in the area of the head, and then all over the body, with the Palm of your hand and fists.

The massage should last about 3-5 minutes and is possible at any time, although doctors advise to do it in the morning or when you have a lot of fatigue. Complete the exercises while standing, very tapping the surface of the skin.

If you have little time to do the massage, pay attention to the following points that are central to its effectiveness.


#1 Cabeza

In a straight position, it starts to hit your head with the fingers of both hands, going from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Make an emphasis on the area of the temples, Crown and neck area of the hair growth. You have to do 10 circles: temples, forehead, Crown and neck, or 30 taps at each of the points. Still rubbing them until they strengthen slightly.


#2 Brazos

Stretches an arm forward and give him a few Pats top down on all four sides: forearm (both indoor and outdoor) and shoulder (exterior and interior). Focus on the area of the elbow crease. Da 25 Pats at each point and do it on each arm.


#3 Pecho and abdomen

With the wrist of the left or the fist, it gives light Pats from the lower part of the chest upwards, repeating 10 times. Concentrate on the armpits and ribs to hit these points on 30 occasions. Then, it ends up Pat on both hands in the area of the abdomen.


#4 Espalda and buttocks

In a straight position, with Palm and cuff of the left arm hits all the right side of his back and trying to reach less accessible places. Then, with your right hand it gives 15 Pats on the right side, and then with your left Palm or fist, hit your left buttock with the Palm. Do the same on both sides of your body, from 50 to 100 times each.


#5 Piernas

Lifts his right leg and gives soft slaps with both hands from calf to thigh everywhere, and then do the same with the other leg. Do this 10 times on each leg. Concentrate on the area under the knees, Pat 30 times. Complete massage 20 Pat on the feet.


Do this exercise when:

  • You have headache, because it strengthens you blood circulation
  • You have accumulated fatigue and still you wait a full-day work, especially if you have a time limit hold
  • You want to lose weight because, although it will not replace the gym or diet, it will help to accelerate your metabolism
  • You seek to reduce cellulite and improve your skin color, because it will increase the blood flow in all layers of the skin
  • You incorrectly feed frequently, because exercise improves the functioning of internal organs and accelerate your metabolism
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