The 9-year-old girl who lives with her heart out of her chest

Virsaviya is 9 years old and suffers from the Thoracic-stomach Disorder Pantalogy de Cantrel, this disorder caused her to have her heart out of her chest since birth. But beyond the evil that this does to him, he is not afraid to show his heart to the whole planet.

She was born in Russia but her illness ordered the family to move to the USA so that she could receive the correct medical attention. The mother of Virsaviya ‘Bathsheba’ Borun-Goncharova says that she is a miracle child.

His condition does not prevent him from doing things that he is passionate about, like running in the park, although he knows he should not do it because it is risky, in addition to having fun with rhythmic gymnastics and listening to music, his favorite artist is Beyoncé.

He managed to surpass the predictions of several doctors.

“Besides the heart and the intestines, he did not have part of the muscles of the midriff, nor had a diaphragm, nor part of the bones of the chest,” Dari Borum, his mother, told him at the time.

It is difficult to imagine having to see how your vital organs grow outside the body, however those who suffer from this pathology have to live with it.

Dari Borun, had been attending Virsaviya on her own, but in early 2015, a doctor from the Children’s Hospital of Boston was discovered willing to treat the strange pathology of Virsaviya.

Without ban, the medical team in Boston mentioned that Virsaviya can not undergo surgery right now because she has the blood vessel hypertension in her pulmonary aorta.

Currently Virsaviya is waiting for an operation, however still does not have the right conditions so that its history is not endangered in this surgery.

Her mother made a request to request assistance, and with the donations she could contemplate the doctor’s costs of that surgery and all the medical attention her daughter needs.

“I know I have my heart out, since Jesus wants to show that he can carry out remarkable things like me,” says the little girl.

If you want to support Virsaviya, visit the Bathsheba Heart page for fundraising at here. It is an exciting story and she deserves the possibility of spending a constant life.

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