So keep your fruits and vegetables for longer

Perhaps all once we have wondered as we keep our fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator if this will be the best way to preserve them or there will be a better.

For that present a recount of fruits and most common vegetables, specifying its duration and what is the best method of conservation for each.





  • Stored unwrapped in the refrigerator
  • It lasts for 4 weeks



  • If you do not open it, the guards out of the refrigerator, unwrapped
  • Last 4 days
  • If you open it, you need to moisten with lemon juice and wrap it to keep it in the refrigerator
  • It takes 1 day



  • Stored outside the refrigerator, uncovered
  • If they are ripe, they last 3 days



  • Stored in the refrigerator, in a container, uncovered
  • They last for 3 days



  • Integers are stored uncovered in the refrigerator
  • If they are split can be stored onto a plate, upside down, with a little water or covered with shell of the party that does not have.
  • Last 2 or 3 days



  • Stored in the refrigerator until they are ripe, always wrapped
  • Last 5 days



  • It is kept out of the refrigerator
  • Last 4 days



  • Stored uncovered in a container with ventilation
  • Last 5 days





  • It can be kept wrapped in cloth in the refrigerator
  • Dura 2 semanas



  • You can wrap and store in the refrigerator
  • Dura 5 días



  • Is kept wrapped in the refrigerator
  • Dura 2 semanas



  • Is it stored in the refrigerator wrapped in a plastic bag if you want
  • Last 3 weeks



  • Is kept wrapped in the refrigerator
  • Dura 2 semanas



  • It is stored in a dark place, uncovered
  • It lasts 2 months


J engibre

  • Stored in refrigerator, uncovered
  • It lasts for 1 month
  • If it is cut it is stored in the refrigerator and it can be wrapped in paper towels
  • Lasts 1 to 2 weeks



  • Stored in a paper bag in the refrigerator
  • They last for 3 days



  • It is stored in a dark place, uncovered
  • Lasts 1 or 2 months



  • Se guardan en una bolsa de papel en un lugar oscuro
  • Duran 1 o 2 meses


Hojas verdes

  • Se guardan en el refrigerador, en un contenedor plástico con servilletas de papel
  • Duran 10 días



  • It is stored in a dark place, uncovered
  • It lasts for 1 month
  • Si está cortado se guarda en el refrigerador, puede envolverse en papel de aluminio o dentro de un recipiente
  • Dura 2 o 3 semanas

Comienza a conservar mejor tus frutas y verduras para que puedas disfrutarlas por más tiempo.

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