It cleans your kidneys in a Natural way with parsley

A moment, not hopefully feel pain for kidney stones to remind ourselves of our kidneys; It is important to always take care of our body and prevent these conditions. For that and more, is necessary to know that the majority of diseases of the urinary system are caused by toxic or contaminated by different protein excess blood. These proteins are, in general, come from common foods in the daily diet, so it is advisable that you remember the following tips when it comes to eating: meat, fish and eggs are rich in calcium and uric acid, so if you consume them in excès does or they will favour the occurrence of kidney stones.

Alcohol and sweets are also harmful, especially if they are an important part of your diet. Milk is good, but never in excess. You do not abuse, and if possible avoid, eating processed foods. Salt, in addition to generating toxicity in the urine, take away from the flavor of the food. Try to eat less salt and enjoy the real taste of your food.


So far, we can be thinking that all foods we eat are those who hurt us, we remind you that there are also other foods, including diet, to help avoid colic due to kidney stones.

Among the most important in this type of food are apples, watermelon, grapes, oranges, lemons, melons, peach, carrot, celery, cucumber and lettuce.

The truth that is not necessary to be a vegetarian aserrimo, but if rather than accompany your meal with a drink or sparkling soda, should it do with a natural juice or eat the salad that always leave on the plate, these foods with acidic and diuretic properties they will be your allies in the fight against kidney disease.

The presence of gallstones in the liver and stones in the kidneys or bladder, make it necessary to cleanse our body. But, in general, do not we realize until the pain becomes unbearable. If you want to know when your body is sending you a signal, pay attention to the following symptoms:

• Changes in pressure

• Pain on the lower back or abdomen high

• Thirst excessive

• Darkening of skin and dryness

• Ankle and eyes swollen to awaken

• Excessive or unexplained bruising

• Hemorrhage

The first symptoms appear, and almost always be ignored are:

• Urine dark and pain in micturition

• Constant feeling of having to urinate and not to do so

• Decreased urination, either you praying less than normal or less times you go to the bathroom

If you see that you have more than two of these symptoms and you want to prevent a kidney condition, it may be time to buy a little parsley, since this simple plant is recommended as one of the best natural treatments for cleaning the kidneys.

To begin with, you should wash and cut chopped parsley, then boil it with a liter of water for ten minutes. When you are ready, let it cool, put it in a bottle and store it in the refrigerator. Take a daily glass for a week to clean your kidneys and, little by little, feel how your body gives you thanks. Of course, always recommend an appointment with your family doctor.

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