Hip Melting Tea Recipe

One of the common problems of women is fat accumulating in the hips and hips. Unfortunately, this area becomes thinner more difficult. At times we despair and try to get used to living with our huge hips. If you are in this attitude, give up immediately and get rid of your hip fat with a principled program. Let this year be the year when you get rid of the fat that troubles your hips. In addition to exercise and diet programs, we can get support from natural herbal cures.

Our tea recipe that I will share today aims to melt hip and hip fat. A natural tea recipe that melts hips and hips and fights cellulite is easy to prepare. You can consume a maximum of 3 cups of tea a day, which we will make with materials that are easy to access.


Mix equal amounts of rosehip, fennel, senna, chamomile, rosemary and heather leaves and brew as a tea. Drink a glass of this tea every morning. This effective mixture will make your hip area thinner and reduce your cellulite in this area.

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