Graviola: Miraculous plant that kills cancer cells

Such are the benefits of this plant, which many have called the Graviola as “a miraculous plant”, as in its interior, it has a powerful anti-cancer natural which is very effective in the treatment of certain tumors.

But before telling you about this plant, we want to do a little thinking with you. Always has been treated cancer and other diseases, in a very “scientific” or chemical way, and with an efficiency that sometimes is pretty dubious.

People, in general, fear this type of diseases and even more of its expensive treatments, thanks to a strong pressure exerted by the “official medicine”, collective traditional doctors and the big pharmaceutical companies, which end up leading to the a person who is facing cancer not daring to look more natural and less aggressive options.


Natural treatments

As opposed to the usual treatments, there are a lot of remedies of proven, and proven effectiveness currently begin to make their way, before the official treatments. The best, is that you found its comparable efficacy and, even, higher in the treatment of some types of cancer.

Best of all, is that these natural remedies will not cause the feared negative effects of traditional treatments, such as immune impairment, fall hair, fatigue and other side effects, such as the weakening and loss of weight. Sad effects, often not only due to the disease, but constant vomiting (Emetic effects) that produce many of the chemotherapy treatments.

Origin, characteristics and cultivation of graviola

Today, still cannot be properly identify your origin, although he is considered native to Mesoamerican, and its cultivation extends throughout tropical America and also in Africa. This is a deciduous tree, which means that when the blade drops, there is no harvest.

The flowers are born between October and January, and its fructification, appear between the months of December to April. It is very resistant to wind, drought and damage caused by termites.

Of graviola, its well known fruit soursop, which is very similar in appearance a great custard apple with spikes and a very juicy pulp is harvested. Its juice is very refreshing, so it is also often used in the making of ice cream, jellies and jams up.

Graviola, the natural chemotherapeutic

That summons us today, are its properties as a natural anticangerigeno. The plant, Annona muricata, also known as graviola, graviola, black head is very popular, because of its power to fight cancer and many studies attest it, so much so is estimated to use as anticangerigeno, 10,000 times to the conventional chemotherapy.

Research by the National Cancer Institute in the United States, was found in 1976, that his power as chemotherapy on cancer cells is 10,000 times greater than the compound Adriamycin, which is one of the most aggressive cytotoxic that is currently used in chemotherapy.

One of the most extraordinary properties of this plant, however, is that unlike traditional treatments, while they attack all cells, both the cancer as the healthy ones, graviola does not attack the good cells and only attacks so I they are damaged, stopping their growth only in 48 hours.

Since then, carried out many studies in this regard, even in 1997, is found in Purdue University, in Indiana (USA) than its power anticanerigeno is effective in lung cancers, prostate, breast, bladder, rectum, esophagus, colon, and also in the treatment of leukemia.


Anticancer properties

Its anti-cancer properties, are due to the presence of a substance natural quimicotoxina, called Acetogenenin, which has a 10,000-times higher than the ADRIAMYCIN (artificial substance) power.

Natural chemotaxis, is a process in which the toxic compound will attack cells containing specific chemicals, so it only attacks the cells sick or malignant, leaving the healthy cells in their State, however, artificial products they work without discretion, also damaging to cells that are not diseased, weakening the body in general.

In short, is not only proven preventive, but it also curative use against cancer.



It is common to, ingesting the powder of leaves of graviola, in his presentation in bulk or in capsules, about 15-20 minutes before each meal.

  • In its preventive use: the right thing is to take 500 mg, before each meal
  • Use healing: is recommended to upload the preventive doses of 500 mg multiplied by 2, i.e., or up to 4 (2 grams) depending on the severity and progression of the disease.

Other uses of graviola

Despite its spectacular use against cancer, graviola is a plant with powerful antibacterial, antiparasitic, antispasmodic, astringent properties, insecticide, hipotensotas and vermiguga, so you have it on hand, is always an excellent idea .

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