Choose a fruit and define aspects of your true personality check it out here!

We always look for instances for to inquire more about our personality and traits, although many years have passed and we already know us a little, it is always entertaining to read about how you really are. Fortunately, the path of self never ends.

Although we do not create it, our essence can be manifested in more subtle details, like the way in which we walk, look how our eyes and even in the decisions we make without thinking.


Moreover, our preferences and tastes also say a lot about us. Everything has a why, and also, behind all things hidden symbols, something that the unconscious plays when you choose unless we realize. Now let’s dig a little more into your mind and you will be able to read the signs behind her. If you choose one of these 6 fruits, not only its taste, but by its appearance and by the feeling that you produce, without thinking too much, we will give you a certain aspects of your personality:

1. Apple
Apple socially represents the symbol of temptation. From the biblical story of Adam and Eve onwards, he has represented the forbidden and also the most desirable. The Red is also the color of passion. Those who choose it probably are intense, and let your deepest desires to come to decisions. The granada means the same, since for many that is the true fruit of the passion.

2. grapes
grape is a fruit related to the sacred: it was the food of the gods to the Greeks, and is present in some images of Catholicism as the wine, representing the blood of Christ. Its violet colour, in addition, is the significance and is related to the spiritual. Those who choose this fruit possibly are sensitive, deep and perhaps intellectual, and connect with the subtle. By their relationship with the gods and royalty, they can also characterize self-centered people.


3. banana or banana
banana is associated with the comical and fun: think about it for a moment and remember any comic strip in which someone slides with a banana peel. Also, sometimes is associated with obscene or vulgar. If you prefer l banana possibly you are a cheerful and carefree person, you do not care what others think and are always full of energy.

4. Orange
orange is a sweet fruit, with many properties, and she likes very much to children. If we think about it, everything that comes from it is good; those who choose it tend to be caring people, without malice, committed, but sometimes childish and innocent. Peach or Peach can have the same meaning.

5. strawberries
strawberries or Strawberry is the fruit of love. There is not much to say about its symbolism, since it enough to see your way to heart. If you chose it possibly be a tender, sweet and romantic, person that details like.

6. coco
coconut is an exotic fruit and in addition, a favorite of extravagant people, coming out of the ordinary. Cocos can refer to tropical beaches, to the Caribbean, to deserted Islands, shipwrecked movie and natives who feed only on it. People who choose it know that they are not making one of the most common choices, but are happy as well.

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