Attention To These 7 Signs That You Suffer From Fatty Liver

there are many people who suffer from fatty liver and suffer their symptoms on a daily basis, but they do not know it. Generally it is only when the most serious consequences appear, that they become aware of the suffering they have dragged on for so long.

This is a disease that the public in general does not know much about, compared to diabetes, Alzheimer’s or even some sexually transmitted infections.

Fatty liver is basically when we have fat covering our liver, which does not allow this fundamental organ to work properly. This, in the long term, generates different liver diseases and even diseases such as cirrhosis.

The fact is that the primary way to diagnose fatty liver is knowing the symptoms, which we will point out below.


Symptoms of fatty liver:

  • Frequent digestive problems


  • The tendency to gain weight is a symptom, because although an obese person may suffer from fatty liver, a person with fatty liver may also begin to gain weight


  • Constant dizziness and fainting


  • Inflammation in the abdomen area in a sac shape that surrounds your waist


  • Constant feeling of tiredness, which occurs when the liver can no longer eliminate the toxins we consume


  • Lack of appetite and nausea caused by some foods


  • Confusion and even encephalopathy, a severe alteration of brain function


  • Easy production of bruises, bleeding nose and coagulation problems


They are quite specific symptoms, so if you notice more than one of them in parallel, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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