Are you sleeping with the cell phone next to you? Do not do it, your health could be at stake

Currently the cell phone is part of the daily routine of many people, we have developed such a dependence on this device that we even sleep with the near of our body, we do not conceive life without this equipment.

There are many applications that we can download in our cell phones, many of them improve our quality of life in terms of communication, up-to-date information.

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But many negative aspects are also related to this frequent and excessive use of the cell phone. There is evidence that this mobile device can cause mental health problems, cancer, attention deficit among others.

The transmission of cell phone information is generated using low frequency radio signals, these signals sometimes expose us to radiation harmful to health.

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That is why organizations and institutions are currently dedicated to studying the impact of the excessive use of mobile phones in diseases such as cancer and working on the creation of standards of use that reduce risks.

They advise not to carry these equipments close to the body constantly since the risk of producing diseases grows enormously.

You never sleep alone;  in the pillow next door you have that loving companion who does not abandon you.  And if by chance you sleep with a human, that does not mean that you are going to remove your cell phone from the bed, no no no.

Sleeping with the cell phone next to us exposes us dangerously to radiation waves that can even cause severe brain damage.

We know that the same social dynamic takes us almost compulsorily to own a cell phone, we also change models constantly to keep up with technological progress.

Your phone sleeps by your side and the first thing you do when you get to someone's house is ask for your WiFi password.

Become aware is necessary

Despite the innumerable advantages that a cell phone offers us, it is urgent that we become aware of its use and put our health at a higher level.

The need to have information in real time to get quick information to solve certain problems of maintaining communication with our friends, customers, suppliers. All this forces us to depend on a cell phone.

The stress that affects us so much today is very related to the frequency of the use of mobile phones, sleeping with the cell phone next door greatly increases this factor and makes us vulnerable to mental illness.

It is important that we become aware in this regard and begin to generate personal rules that limit us in the excessive and unhealthy use of these equipment, we must seek alternatives to decrease this harmful dependence.

You Like Almost All The People That Live On The Planet Are Sleeping With The Phone Next To Your Bed, Which Many Do not Know, But This Could Cause Many Problems

The use of headphones, whether they are with limes or wireless, also exposes us to waves that produce a direct negative effect on our auditory, nervous, and cardiac systems.

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