9. excellent tips to remove dark circles: Verified by famous models

9. excellent tips to remove dark circles: Verified by famous models
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It is not a problem that only affects the celebrities, but they are having the best tips to combat the terrible dark circles. It is well known that puffy eyes and dark circles are an unpleasant part of everyday life, and unfortunately are inevitable not just for mere mortals, but also for the famous models and other well-known personalities. It is clear that makeup artists that celebrities have access to always go in their support, but most of the time, the famous tend to have saved a trick up his sleeve that allows them to give them a fresh and rested appearance to his eyes.


1 jade rollers


Lea Michele recognizes them as your favorite medium to eliminate swelling of the eyes. Josephine Skriver can not imagine your mornings without your Massager.

Similar rollers were used centuries ago in China, but today this device works just as well that at that time. With the help of these becomes a lymphatic drainage massage, which improves blood circulation and reduces dark circles. Since antiquity, jade has been considered a healing stone: its purifying and soothing properties have received approval by modern science. If you use this roll, it is important to move it in the direction of the lines of massage, avoiding to exert too much pressure.


2. cold potatoes


The Pope is very popular when it compresses for the eyes using celebrities. To look fresh and rested in the morning, Lauren Conrad takes a Pope from the refrigerator, cut slices, soak them in water for a few seconds and then applied them on your eyes for 15 minutes. “Works perfectly!”, said the TV star. You can see this options compress (for example, as in the photo above) in the accounts of many beauty bloggers.


3 tablespoons frozen


One of the Victoria’s Secret Angels aesthetician uses common buckets to carry out this technique. It is a simple way to use the cutlery as a remedy for a rested eyes appearance is really effective.

This method “grandmothers” was chosen by the American actress Karrueche Tran as the best of all. Before an important day, he puts a couple of spoons in the fridge, and after clean and moisturize your face, applied them in the eyes for several minutes, pushing lightly to achieve perfection.


4 resignation to soy sauce and sushi


This seems a perfect dinner, but Natasha Poly is not recommended to eat sushi with soy sauce overnight. According to her, this combination will provide you with eyes swollen in the morning. And if she says it, something will. In general, the dinner with savory foods and alcohol is not the best for those who need to look fresh and rested in the morning.


5 mask with bird feces


Victoria Beckham and her spouse, David does not hide the fact that used this natural remedy to eliminate swelling of his eyes. The name of this procedure is “Geisha mask ‘ and the recipe comes from Japan. Its composition includes Lee’s Nightingale: is thanks to them that the rejuvenating, moisturizing and refreshing effect on the skin of the face, making dark circles disappear as if by magic. It is not the first time that Victoria, being an eccentric woman, declares her love for unusual masks.


6. herbal compresses



Miranda Kerr relies on packs of cucumbers, which after the exotic remedy above even seem too simple. But, for the supermodel, this method is number 1. Following his example, simply placing cold slices on your eyes and keep them there for a few minutes. She is a fan of organic cosmetics. Another of his favourite methods is spinach. It is impossible to exaggerate with compliments for this healthy plant. “Vegetables inside and outside”: the famous adheres to this rule always, applying fresh leaves in their eyes as if they were packs.


7 massage


Anastasia Achilleos, the cosmetologist of stars that has been working in the field for 20 years, says that some massage techniques not only help eliminate swelling and dark circles, but also to improve the condition of the skin. This method does not need much time, and can be done a few minutes before bedtime or in the morning. Here you can see how it is done.


8 patches and giant lenses


Jordana Brewster gives a very original advice, because she prefers cosmetic gel patches for the eyes rather than the home remedies. The actress finds them so comfortable that even it has forgotten to remove them several times before leaving his home. Now, as a beauty trick, Jordana gets big glasses that hide the patches and repair the skin around the eyes while you’re on the road to somewhere or arranging their affairs in the morning.


9. water and coffee


Duckie Thot advised drinking a bottle of water in the morning and a cup of coffee a little later. His love for the tonic effect of this drink is shared by many models, including the legendary Tyra Banks and the lovely Natalia Vodianova.


Extra: for those who are not afraid to go against the tide


While our note is to provide advice that will help us to reduce dark circles, Asians break all stereotypes and declare that that aspect is very nice. The name of the effect that the Koreans are trying to achieve can be translated approximately as “Smiling eyes”.

It must be taken into account that the Korean beauty bloggers distinguish correctly puffy eyes of those who say “Work hard 24/7 in a job that I hate”. The swelling “correct” should be done to make the eyes more round and expressive. K-pop stars and the Korean models joined this new trend, and admirers argue which eyes are most beautiful.

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