8 reasons why you should always sleep on the left side

Did you know that the position in which you sleep affects many aspects of your body and your Anatomy? Discover the reasons why it is better that you always lie down on your left side.

1 it combines better sleep

If you’re one of those people to which every night sleep well you is a real torture, sure that want to know that the position in which you go to bed can influence you get it sooner or later.

According to various studies, when you go to sleep lying on the left side of your body you reconcile much earlier and better sleep than if you do it in any other position. In addition, it is also shown that sleep on this side makes better quality of sleep and you rise much more rested.

2. it promotes digestion

Can you, in General, not see no relationship between the position you choose to sleep and the quality of your digestion, right? However, all answers to questions purely anatomical, that sleeping on your left side is much more beneficial.

And this is that both the stomach and the pancreas lie on this side of our body, which lie on your left side is the most natural position to promote proper digestion. In this way, our gastric juices are better channelled, and pancreatic enzymes are secreted in easiest way.

Conversely, when we sleep on our right side the digestion becomes much more abruptly.

3 you are less likely to suffer stress

Sleep on the left side of our bodies makes us much more restful sleep. After rest in this position can arise more clear, with less sleep, and is also less likely that you’re scrambled eggs in the morning or have intestinal pains.

Of course, sleep is synonymous with quality of life and be more relaxed. For this reason, all of these factors ultimately translates into less likely to suffer from stress.

4 it is much better for the health of our heart

According to one study, 80% of the heart is on the left side of our body, sleep on this side supports their health.

But why does this exactly? Mainly because the lymphatic system drainage is much easier. In addition, it is also important to note that if we sleep on the left side to our hearts it will be easier to pump, and therefore send blood to the rest of the body, in part by the position of the vein aorta.

5 favours lymphatic drainage

As we have seen before, sleep on your left side favors a correct drainage, because this is the predominant side in our lymphatic system.

It is by the lymphatic system where the lymph carries some fundamentals such as proteins and glucose so they filtered by the lymph nodes, to be drained just to the left side.

Sleep lying on the left side of our body is therefore the most natural posture in this sense.

6 you suffer less backaches and neck

Insurance that has passed you many times that of waking up with a terrible pain, back and neck, without knowing very well why, right?

Obviously, the rest and the position in which we sleep have much to do with this. That is why, as experts, are running it is very important that let us not remain asleep anyway, if the next morning we do not want to pay the consequences.

The ideal lean back on the left side of the body, with a pillow placed under the head, since this is the best way that our spine rests in the most natural way possible.

7 it favors a greater union with your partner, according to experts

As much that will surprise you, sleep in a posture or other not only has direct consequences on our body and Anatomy, but it could also affect our relationship. And this is not something to say us, but several experts.

8.-Despiertas best humor

According to a study conducted by the University of Hertfordshire, those who opt for this posture in bed tend to rise with more energy and better humor than those who choose any other position to rest.

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