7. simple and effective methods to fall asleep quickly

The dream has almost magical properties. It is to ask doctors and beauty gurus when you ask for the fight against overweight, against the apathy of fall or when you simply want to have a healthy life. Everyone will tell you that good sleep is key. But this is something that is easier said than done.

If you go to bed at night and don’t know which side to sleep, you can not close our eyes and thoughts invade you, then these tips are for you.


Let sleeping and get ready for work

This is figuratively. Despite the simplicity, this is something effective. If the dream is gone you, then you need to imagine that already sounded the alarm and out the window the Sun of dawn shines. Imagine your actions: how should arise, Ponte coverall, wash you, breakfast, brushing your teeth and leave the House.

After a few minutes, you will give something of laziness do all that. And sleep again.


Close your right nostril

This is not a recommended tip for people with hypotension, precisely because to lying on your left side, blood pressure will fall. When your pressure low, will increase your desire to sleep. You do not try, slow, take a deep breath and calmly.



This is one asana Yoga with which you won’t need to make many efforts and think what you so correctly put the legs. On the contrary, will help you to relax your body and mind, feeling and from all the body releases all your cargo. This position balances the blood pressure and helps menstrual cramps. This exercise can be performed even while lying.


Listening to binaural music

Our ancestors beat ritimicamente stones or drums to perceive that this caused them to something special in his brain, giving them a mood of war or – on the contrary – reassuring them.

Binaural rhythms are harder to create, but they kept the third rate that is not perceived by the ears but unconsciously by our brain. For this reason, the binaural songs soothed enough. Therefore, before sleep, tries with a binaural playlist that will make you relax in a short time.


Dinner tryptophan and magnesium

Tryptophan is an amino acid that turns into serotonin, a hormone that not only takes care of a good state of mind, but also general feel relaxed. Products such as caviar (black and red), cheese, nuts and legumes, fish, white meat, milk and dairy products contain.

Moreover, the magnesium has lot of properties, including the relax the nervous system, adjusting pressure, preventing migraines. In addition, it helps to sleep quickly. Some products with magnesium are spinach, green herbs (especially, parsley), beet, marine products, almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts.

Despite the important thing which is dinner, never you fill out completely at night as this will act in a different direction: heavy meals lead to insomnia, as well as the refusal of food at night.


Diaphragm breathing

This is a simple technique, but that requires a bit of training. First, relax and make slow, deep breathing but not with the chest open as normally do. For this purpose, inhale slowly through your nose and let air into the lower part of the abdomen. Place one hand on the abdomen and feel as it begins to inflate, when air occupies its space. This is a technique used in meditation as it helps to relax and reduce stress.

Researchers at the University of Oxford explained that not worth count sheep, as it has the opposite effect: the people who count sheep jumping over a fence stayed awake longer.


Revive your day opposite way

If your thoughts are still interrupting your dreams and you can not concentrate or for a break, then it is not something that you should ignore. Try to review in your mind the day you had, but in the opposite direction. This is an exercise that will help to reassure you, but also to examine the most important events that happened to you.


Everything in place appropriate

Long time that psychologists confirmed that at home there should be a place designated for a comfortable sleep, where not to perform other tasks. Moreover, in this Chamber you should always have everything in order so that you don’t think about the dirty curtains or dust under the table, but simply to sleep as soon as possible.


Embrace and be close

Warm body contact with the person you love is capable of provoking an immediate dream. Especially if the hugs are increasingly intense and become something else, which may result in an emission of endorphins in your body, which in the end will lead to relaxation. In addition, decreases the level of cortisol (the stress hormone) that accumulated in your body.

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