5 homemade smoothies to lose weight and detoxify your body in a natural way

Losing weight can seem complicated with all the temptations in family meals or work, but it is not impossible if you apply some tricks like drinking on a daily basis the best 5 smoothies to lose weight and detoxify your body.

With these smoothies barajas weight and you will detoxify your body in a natural way.

1 melon and pineapple Smoothie


One cup melon into squares, two tablespoons of honey, one cup of bits of pineapple, a cup of skimmed milk, a teaspoon of ginger and ice cubes.

To prepare this delicious recipe, you only have to add the ingredients in the Blender so you can process them. You can then take it in the morning before breakfast. This smoothie is perfect to detoxify the body; Since it helps eliminate fat quickly and this occurs due to its detoxifying properties.

2. tomato and cucumber Smoothie


A cucumber with Peel, a ripe tomato shell, a sprig of celery and a liter of mineral water.

To make this recipe, you have to blend the ingredients together. This smoothie is of great benefit if you take it in fasting and before eating dinner. In addition, body provides the following properties: it is antioxidant, thanks to its high content of vitamins and minerals, is also depurative and detoxifying is.

3 cucumbers and pineapple Smoothie


Diced pineapple.
Three cucumbers.
Three glasses of mineral water.

To prepare this Smoothie you have to peel and cut the pineapple and diced cucumbers; then, mix them with water, and blend. This delicious smoothie you have to drink it in the morning before breakfast if you want to detoxify the body and another vessel at the dinner. Thanks to the ingredients containing this Smoothie, it decreases blood cholesterol and helps to detoxify the organism of the body.

4 celery Smoothie:


A branch of celery.
A lemon.
Two blocks.

Like the other smoothies to detoxify the body, simply add all the ingredients in a blender and process everything, you can add ice to give more consistency. Celery has several nutrients and minerals, such as calcium, potassium and sodium.

5 Smoothie Apple, pineapple and Aloe vera.

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