5 delicious juices to tea helps detoxify your kidney

While the kidneys are able to filter waste from the blood 24 hours a day, when there is an overload, it is impossible for them to work properly to remove it all. To study more in depth, we must know that the kidneys are two organs shaped beans that are located in the back of the abdomen, just above the waist. The kidneys are vital and fundamental to our survival, since they are one of the main our blood filters. They are responsible for eliminating what our body needs through urine retaining only what the body can take advantage. Therefore, we dedicate them time to these important bodies.

People almost never pays attention to your kidneys or that these may be intoxicated as result of lifestyle little healthy since, at the beginning, clear symptoms that might indicate this problem does not occur. However, when there is an excess of toxins and not given a boost to the renal system, they may begin to suffer serious disorders such as kidney failure, kidney stones, infections, cysts and tumors.

Knowing all this, it is important to learn how to detoxify the kidneys to maintain their health and functioning under control. The best way of doing this every day is drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. But, there are also other alternatives to debug them or clean them completely, and Additionally, provide them with nutrients to help them develop.

It is here where they play a very important role natural juices, contributing properties to clean the kidneys and eliminate toxic waste substances that may affect their health.

Beets juice

Due to its high content of phytochemicals such as Betaine, beets juice is ideal to regulate the acid pH of urine. In addition to this, it contains antioxidants and nutrients that stimulate waste disposal as, for example, the struvite and calcium phosphate, which are the main cause of kidney stones.


1 betaraga
1 carrot (optional)
1 glass of water (200 ml)


Peel, cut and put the beets in the blender. If you wish, you can chop a carrot into pieces and add it. Now just add the glass of water and beat the time that is necessary so that everything is very well mixed.

Cranberry juice

This juice has a high concentration of antioxidants that for years have been used to treat problems with the kidneys and the urinary tract. Several studies show that this drink can fight urinary tract infections, reduce the adherence of bacteria to the bladder and urethra.


1 cup (250 ml) organic cranberry juice
½ Cup (125 ml) water
1 tablespoon (15 ml) lemon juice


Put all ingredients in the blender and process to form a homogeneous mixture. We recommend taking it daily on an empty stomach.

Watermelon juice

This fruit has muchade water, fiber, and antioxidants, capable of cleansing and tonifying the kidney to facilitate the Elimination of waste.


4 cups of fresh watermelon
a handful of fresh basil leaves


Introduce the watermelon in a blender and beat it until it liquid. In addition, can do the same thing using a blender. If you want more liquid you can add a little water. Finally, we recommend to decorate with basil leaves.

Parsley juice

Parsley is known worldwide for its high diuretic, as well as being able to combat fluid retention and accumulation of toxins from the body. This green leaf is rich in carotenoids, iron and chlorophyll and many vitamins that help to tone and cleanse kidneys so that they work optimally. As if that weren’t enough, is considered anticancer and purifying blood. In other words, it could not have more benefits.


1 cup fresh parsley
1 Green Apple
½ lemon juice
1 piece of fresh ginger


Put all ingredients in a blender and process a couple of minutes or until everything is well integrated. Serve without straining and drinking on an empty stomach.

Lemon juice

By its high content of vitamin C and antioxidants, lemon juice detoxifies the kidneys and promotes the removal of waste to prevent disease. In addition, its citric acid increases levels of citrine in urine, which is a compound that prevents the formation of kidney stones.


4 lemons
1 glass of water (200 ml)
1 tablespoon (15 ml) Apple Cider vinegar


You must squeeze the juice from four lemons and mix it with the glass of warm water and a tablespoon of Apple Cider vinegar. We recommend to consume on an empty stomach, at least for a week. Now you have many ways to help your kidneys do their hard work much better.

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