10 Sports That Will Help You Lose Weight Quickly

Sports are an entertaining and dynamic way of doing physical activity, where you can also eliminate calories and bring benefits to your health.

It is important to keep in mind that to achieve the expected results you have to maintain a balanced and healthy diet together with the practice of the sport that you are most passionate about.

Not all sports burn the same amount of calories, it all depends on the intensity, speed, time and type of exercise performed.

These are the 10 sports that will help you burn more calories:



To perform this sport you need good shoes to cushion the impact and all your motivation. You can do it where you want, on the beach, the park, the street, the mountain or even on a machine.

With this sport you can lose between 600 and 650 calories for every 30 minutes of practice, but everything will depend on the speed at which you run.



Recreational boxing helps you improve your resistance, tone your muscles, work your body and improve self-esteem. People of all ages can practice it, but it is important to maintain a good diet and hydration.

With 1 hour of recreational boxing training you will lose around 600 calories.



Tennis practice helps you improve agility and flexibility. Playing it for 30 minutes will make you lose between 300 and 400 calories, but since a tennis match does not have a fixed duration, the amount of calories burned will be proportional to the intensity and efficiency of the movement, and the duration of the training.



Swimming is one of the most complex sports there is, since it works absolutely every muscle in the body and also generates the least impact.

When swimming an hour you can lose 600 calories, but everything depends on the intensity with which you do the training.



Not only can paddling be practiced with a canoe in a place with water, but there is also a machine that imitates this exercise perfectly. The most advisable are routines that include intervals of speed.

In just 30 minutes you can lose up to 378 calories and it is a fairly complex sport, since several muscle groups are used at the same time.



Cycling can be done anywhere, the mountain, the road or on a path, you just have to have a bike suitable for those roads. When practicing this sport you work several groups of muscles, you generate little impact on your bones and joints, and also help your circulation and reduce cellulite.

If you ride a bicycle at a speed of 25 kilometers per hour you can burn up to 240 calories in 30 minutes.



This activity can be done both outside and in a climbing wall. In addition to burning calories with this sport, improve concentration, tone your body and increase mental agility.

You can burn approximately 700 calories with 1 hour of climbing.



This martial art teaches discipline, concentration and confidence, but also helps you to know how to defend yourself against an aggression.

With one hour of training you can lose up to 700 calories.



This intense cardiovascular activity includes racing, rapid movements and turns. To calculate the amount of calories that are burned you have to consider the weight of the person, the intensity of the game and the amount of time.

A person who weighs 45 kilos will burn 181 calories in 30 minutes of game, but one that weighs 68 kilos, will burn 273 calories in that same time.



In this sport calories will be burned according to the position in which you play, it will not be the same amount if you play as goalie or flyer. It is also variable according to the type of game, it will not be the same in a large court with 11 players, that a smaller court with 5 players.

In a conventional soccer game you can get to burn 300 calories every 30 minutes if you weigh between 69 and 84 kilos.

It is important to warm up before doing any physical activity and lengthen your muscles after the training sessions, so you can relax and do not wake up sore the next day.

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