10 powerful reasons why the that you have that begin to eat pistachios


The nuts are called so because they contain a low percentage of water and pistachios come into that category. Small fruits that occur in trees are, pistachio or alfocigo, whose scientific name is Pistaciaceae. This tree has it is native from Central Asia and Asia minor and with the passage of time it spread to other territories. Today, it is a popular dry fruit that can be eaten raw or used as an ingredient of dishes and desserts.

It has a large amount of nutrients such as:

Vitamins (E, folic acid, thiamine)
minerals (copper, iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium)
fatty acids
pistachio is purple with green pulp, covered by a hard shell and split in half. This shell can break easily, although occasionally the fruit may be completely covered by the shell. Then we explain ten reasons why it is highly advisable to consume them.

1. against diabetes

As we all know, diabetes is a disease in which there is an excess of sugar in the blood, which is also known as elevated glucose. The good news is that pistachios are an excellent way to combat type 2 diabetes. The reason is that the pistachios decrease glucose levels for its high content of carbohydrates. Thus, the pistachio is a great ally.

2. pistachios reduce risk of heart disease

Pistachio helps to decrease the amount of cholesterol and fats that our body assimilates, heart disease can be prevented by what roasted. For its content in potassium, with Pistachio we can regulate blood pressure. This can be a powerful ally for our heart.

3 help control weight

Within its incredible benefits, pistachio serves as a snack with which we can calm the hunger and avoid the consumption of sweets and fried foods. Moreover, when we eat pistachios, these are metabolized completely in our body, which results in a minimum consumption of calories.

4 provide fiber

Pistachios have a lot of fiber in its flesh, which helps to have better digestion and boost metabolism, alleviating constipation problems.

5 they favor the view

It is more likely that many did not know that pistachios help have a better visual health and protect our eyes from the Sun’s rays. This is thanks to the nutrients and vitamins it contains, such as:

vitamin E
vitamin B2

6 strengthen bones

The content of phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium and proteins that are in pistachios, help both bones and muscles to develop a better Constitution and strength. For sports activities that is of great value, so, if we practice sports or perform constant movement, pistachios will give us strength and energy.

7. we help have strong teeth

Due to phosphorus and magnesium of pistachio, teeth are benefited, and enjoy good health, strength and better appearance. Care of teeth is not only achieved by washing them and rinse, also has much what we eat. There are many foods that improve dental health, as it is the case of the pistachio.

8. hair care

Pistachio helps to stop hair loss and stimulates its growth and flexibility. When eating pistachios we protect the pigmentation of the hair due to the copper containing. This helps us to have a good looking, shiny hair. A great alternative for this case is to use a pistachio oil directly on the hair that serves as a treatment to moisturizing and hair restoration.

9 State and youthful appearance

A way of keeping our skin healthy is to eat pistachios. This is due to the vitamin E that they contain, which gives defenses against UV rays and the aging process. So, together with your cleaning and skin care routines, don’t forget the charity resulting eat pistachios to keep skin healthy and hydrated.

10 brain active

Stimulation of brain activity is achieved when it becomes oxygenated blood to the brain, the blood gets increasing hemoglobin level.

The increase is hemoglobin is derived from the consumption of vitamin B6, present in pistachios, so this helps us to keep our minds active.

Risks of eating pistachios
Pistachios help caring for our body, from head to the feet, so it’s an extraordinary result.

However, should maintain a balance in our intake of pistachios. By very good they are, if we eat them in excess can harm our health.

It is common to find salted pistachios, but a great salt amount can produce hypertension or retention in liquids.

Thus, it is convenient setting a limit to the pistachios that we eat or, if possible, eat salt-free pistachios. It is important to make sure that we are not allergic to nuts, since symptoms may experience immediately, for example:

as abstract, pistachios are a source of vitamins and minerals that keep our body healthy, but you have to eat them in good condition and taking certain not be allergic to them.


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